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Hamas' Interior Minister said Israel will exist for only another eight years. Hamas sources are reportedly concerned about perceived support of Salafi jihadists in Gaza and the West Bank. Palestinian Authority security forces arrested six Hamas members in the West Bank.

Palestinian Islamic Jihad operatives behind recent bus bombing near Tel Aviv

The Palestinian leadership reportedly prefers returning to the UN over extending peace talks with Israel. A secret Palestinian security document warns that a third intifada may soon begin. Hamas denied allegations that its members are carrying out hostile acts in Egypt. Fatah canceled plans to hold a massive celebration for its 49th anniversary. Hamas leader Ismail Haniyeh said the group is not currently seeking a new war with Israel.

Secret Palestinian report warns of danger of new intifada

Syria's civil war tests whether borders drawn less than a century ago will last

IDF fighting new brand of Palestinian terror

Israeli police tighten security measures in West Bank amid increased terror activity

Palestinian officials denied the existence of a secret backchannel between Mahmoud Abbas and Benjamin Netanyahu. Despite Russian officials saying Arafat died of natural causes, Palestinian officials said they would still pursue their probe into his death. Fatah called on Hamas to disengage from the Muslim Brotherhood, following the Brotherhood's terror designation in Egypt.

IDF commander: We know an attack from Gaza will involve multiple threats

String of Palestinian attacks has Israel jittery

A rocket fired by Palestinian militants struck in southern Israel, and an Israeli police officer was stabbed near Ramallah. A senior Hamas official said that it is only a matter of time before the start of the third Intifada. Two people were injured by an explosion at a military site in Gaza.

Bus bombing in Tel Aviv suspected to be terror attack

Hamas is alive and kicking in the West Bank - but in remote control

Hamas' Ismail Haniyeh invited Mahmoud Abbas to a meeting to discuss the formation of a unity government. Abbas reportedly sent President Obama a personal letter noting his displeasure with the current status of negotiations with Israel. In response to recent Israeli raids in the West Bank, Palestinian Islamic Jihad warned that its fighters would not stand idly by.

Hamas, Israel develop unwritten understanding for coexistence

The lead Palestinian negotiators said talks with Israel could continue past April if a framework agreement is put in place. Unidentified gunmen fired towards the office of Palestinian Minister of Awqaf and Religious Affairs Mahmoud al Habash. Hamas officials denied charges that they conspired with former Egyptian president Mohammed Morsi.

Israel benefits from Hamas' decline

Hamas is allowing Salafi jihadists in Gaza to conduct non-military activities in Gaza. According to a Salafi jihadist source, a reconciliation agreement with Hamas is not finalized, but "taking shape." Hamas has purportedly expressed interest in joining a unity government with Fatah to prepare for currently unscheduled elections.

Gaza fighters head to Syria as refugees flow in

Hamas accused Palestinian Authority security forces of continuing to arrest its supporters in the West Bank. Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas reportedly rejected a security proposal offered by Secretary of State Kerry. As part of ongoing negotiations with Israel, another batch of Palestinian prisoners will be released by the end of the month.