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Hamas' growing rivalry with Islamic Jihad

Islamic Jihad members push for internal reform

Cash-strapped Hamas turns to e-bullets

Hamas called on Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas to "unleash the resistance" in the West Bank. Abbas himself urged the US to continue its efforts to save ongoing peace talks with Israel. A rocket fired from the Gaza Strip towards Israel landed within the Hamas-run territory.

The PLO applied for accession in 15 international conventions as peace talks with Israel sputter. Palestinian officials said, however, that they are not yet walking away from the US-mediated talks. Hamas is reportedly planning to launch a new satellite TV station.

Palestinian Was Holding Explosive Device When He Died, Czech Police Say

Low turnout at Hamas rally sign of declining support?

Doubts surface on Gaza destination of rockets seized by Israel

Hamas rally in Gaza takes aim at Egypt, Israel and Abbas

3 Palestinian militants killed in clashes with Israeli forces in Jenin

Gaza jihadist group praises Ansar Jerusalem fighters, calls for more attacks

Palestinian terror groups launch dozens of rockets and mortars at Israel

Palestinian Islamic Jihad claimed to have fired 130 rockets and mortars. Israeli officials said the figure was only 60, however. At least three of the rockets fired yesterday were intercepted by the Iron Dome missile defense system.

3 Palestinian Islamic Jihad militants killed in Gaza airstrike

Hamas claimed that it possesses rockets that can strike remote targets in Israel. Masked gunmen stole about $500,000 from a post office in Gaza. A Salafi jihadist in Gaza said there are currently 4,000 such fighters in the Hamas-run territory.

Jihadi head says Gaza groups growing

Hamas supporters held protests to condemn the recent Egyptian court decision to ban the Palestinian movement's activities within Egypt. Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas reiterated that he will not recognize Israel as the Jewish state. A Palestinian Islamic Jihad official denied any connection with a recently intercepted ship carrying arms to Gaza.

'We stop Iranian arms smuggling often,' says Israeli security source

Israeli navy intercepts Iranian weapons shipment headed for Gaza

Today's operation marks at least the fourth time since 2002 that Israel has publicly announced that its forces had intercepted a sea-based Iranian weapons smuggling attempt.

IDF targets Gaza rocket squad, at least 2 killed

A Salafi cleric was attacked by unidentified gunmen in the Gaza Strip. At least three Palestinian militants were injured during a training exercise in the Rafah area. A senior Palestinian Islamic Jihad official called for more kidnappings of Israeli soldiers.