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Palestinian boys take part in training camps where they risk more than just a grazed knee

The fight against fundamentalist recruitment of Palestinian youth in Ain al-Hilweh

Analysis: Blowback from the Syrian jihad has begun

In well over a dozen countries, evidence has emerged that jihadists who trained or fought in Syria are engaging in terrorist activities in their home countries and elsewhere.

Israel hits back after fire from Gaza, Syria

Palestinian unity government of Fatah and Hamas sworn in

Hamas denies ISIS presence after Gaza jihadist killed in Syria

Pope Francis prays at Bethlehem wall, calls for Middle East peace

Legacy of Hamas-Fatah Killings Complicates Palestinian Unity Efforts

Exclusive: Iran's illicit procurement appears to slow amid nuclear talks - UN experts

Hamas not giving up military wing, despite agreement

Islamic Jihad Gains New Traction in Gaza

Palestinian deal will not make Hamas change: veteran leader

Lebanon - Tension between rival Islamists puts Ain al-Hilweh on edge

Jordan: Syrian women in distress

Rival factions Hamas and Fatah announced plans to form a unity government in the next five weeks. US officials warned that the new government must recognize Israel and renounce violence, two conditions Hamas has never accepted. At least three people were hurt when an Israeli airstrike targeted a suspected terrorist.

Yahya Ayyash Brigades claims new rocket attacks against Israel

Hamas' growing rivalry with Islamic Jihad

Islamic Jihad members push for internal reform

Cash-strapped Hamas turns to e-bullets

Hamas called on Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas to "unleash the resistance" in the West Bank. Abbas himself urged the US to continue its efforts to save ongoing peace talks with Israel. A rocket fired from the Gaza Strip towards Israel landed within the Hamas-run territory.