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Palestinians Find Show of Support Lacking From Arab Leaders Amid Offensive

Despite Israeli Push in Gaza, Hamas Fighters Slip Through Tunnels

Israel expands Gaza ground offensive; no sign of truce

Israeli Troops Battle Hamas, Uncover Gaza Tunnels

Gazan officials claimed that over 300 Palestinians have been killed so far in the 11-day-old conflict, and that more than 60 died on the first day of Israel's ground operation. The operation today reached less than two miles into the Gaza Strip, focusing on rural and suburban areas where tunnels might be located. Israeli forces claimed to have found 10 tunnels, killed 17 militants, and hit 240 targets on the first day of the ground campaign. President Abbas called on Israel to halt the ground operation.

Sudan Protesters Call for Gaza 'Jihad'

Lebanon TV channels to adopt common newscast supporting Gaza

Israeli Army Aims for Gaza's 'Highly Developed' Tunnels

Danish Jews threatened after Gaza conflict

Israeli Military Invades Gaza, With Sights Set on Hamas Operations

Palestinian officials claimed that 235 people have been killed by Israel's campaign in Gaza. Hamas threatened "dreadful consequences" in response to the commencement of Israel's ground campaign. In the 10 days of fighting so far, Gaza militants have fired some 1,500 rockets towards Israel, and Israeli forces have responded by hitting over 2,000 targets in Gaza. Hamas' Al Qassem Brigades claimed it launched a drone over Israel, which was shot down by Israeli forces.

Gaza Invasion Is Likely, Israeli Official Says

After Hamas rejected a proposed ceasefire with Israel put forward by Egypt, a five-hour humanitarian truce in the Gaza Strip was agreed to by Israel. Israeli attacks have killed about 220 people and wounded 1,550 more in Gaza since last week. Israeli forces are said to be targeting the homes of senior Hamas officials. Israel has urged residents of several districts of the Gaza border area to evacuate their homes to avoid rocket attacks, affecting over 100,000 people.

Gaza Toll Hits 194, First Israeli Killed as Netanyahu Announces Broadening Military Operation

Israel's Peres Defends Airstrikes

Hamas homemade rocket industry bypasses crumbling supply lines

Israel says shoots down Gaza drone as calls for truce mount

Israeli ground forces carried out their first operation Gaza today, after dropping leaflets in the northern city of Beit Lahiya warning residents to leave their homes. Thousands fled as Israeli forces planned to target enemy rocket infrastructure built in between houses in the city of 70,000. About 160 Palestinians, half of them civilians, have reportedly been killed so far in the conflict, and over 1,100 injured. Israeli airstrikes have hit over 1,100 targets in Gaza since July 8.

Palestinian officials claimed that the death toll from Israeli strikes in Gaza has passed 100, with some 700 people wounded. Hamas said it was prepared for a battle of "many long weeks" and vowed to keep fighting. The UN Secretary General called for a ceasefire, warning that the conflict could spread to the entire region, and a draft resolution has been prepared. The US offered to help broker a ceasefire.

Palestinian officials said Israeli strikes in Gaza that began on July 8 have killed at least 77 Palestinians so far. Militants in Gaza continued to launch missiles into Israel; both Islamic Jihad and Hamas' Al Qassem Brigades have claimed attacks. President Abbas has denounced the Israeli attacks, and has not criticized Hamas for launching missiles at Israel.