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UNRWA cancelled a marathon in the Gaza Strip after Hamas forbid women from partaking in the event. Malaysia announced plans to provide approximately $6.5 million in support of projects in the Gaza Strip. Prime Minister Fayyad and President Abbas are at odds over the recent resignation of Finance Minister Nabil Qassis.

Hamas terror cell in Hebron exposed

Hamas announced plans to launch a new initiative to target collaborators with Israel. President Abbas met with Secretary of State Kerry to discuss the stalled peace process in Riyadh. Foreign Minister Al-Maliki said the Palestinian leadership is prepared to sign the Rome Statute in order to gain access to the ICC and other international bodies.

Hamas, which controls the Gaza Strip, is requiring exit visas for Palestinians who wish to enter Israel or the West Bank. Hamas reportedly rejected recent shipments of weapons from Libya that had tracking devices that Israel could allegedly monitor. Hamas PM Haniyeh called on Palestinians to continue protests in the "prisoners Intifada."

Hamas denied that it was behind the theft of an ID-card printing machine from Egypt's North Sinai police headquarters. Sources revealed that two Hamas delegations recently visited Egypt to discuss Egypt's targeting of smuggling tunnels between the Gaza Strip and Egypt. Palestinian Finance Minister Qassis submitted his resignation to Prime Minister Fayyad.

A Hamas official announced the postponement of reconciliation talks between Hamas and Fatah. Sources indicate that Hamas, and not Fatah, was responsible for the rocket fired from Gaza into Israel earlier this week. The Palestinian Authority plans to provide $1 million a month to Palestinians in Syria.

An Islamic Jihad official said Palestinian fighters should prepare for the upcoming battle with Israel in the West Bank. A member of the Fatah Central Committee said "popular resistance" is more effective than "armed resistance." Islamic Jihad warned on its website about the dangers of Twitter and Facebook, suggesting that Mossad uses social networking websites to gain information about the "resistance."

Report: IRGC missile experts in Gaza aiding Palestinian terror groups

The US Embassy in Israel instructed its staff to avoid the West Bank as a result of ongoing protests by Palestinians, which the Palestinian Authority has helped organize. A senior Hamas official called on Palestinians to kidnap Israeli citizens. Hamas requested a delay in a unity meeting with the rival Fatah faction.

Hamas said PA security forces detained eight of its members in the West Bank. The head of Hamas in Gaza, Ismail Haniyeh, told a delegation of Egyptian clerics that Egypt is "no longer a strategic ally of the Israeli enemy, but rather an ally to the Arab nation's resistance and steadfastness." Palestinians and Israeli security forces as well as Jewish residents clashed in the West Bank.

MSC in Jerusalem official slams arrests by Hamas

The Ahmed Abu Rish Brigades threatened to fire rockets at Israel if Palestinian hunger strikers are harmed. Palestinians and Israeli security forces clashed throughout the West Bank. A senior Palestinian official said negotiations with Israel will resume only once a settlement freeze is instituted and Palestinian prisoners in Israeli jails are released. The Salafi Nour Party called on Hamas to stop the torture of Salafi jihadists in its prisons.

Fatah officials slammed ongoing indirect negotiations between Hamas and Israel. Hamas officials at first denied the negotiations were occurring, but have since admitted that negotiations on humanitarian issues are taking place. Salafi jihadists in Gaza said Hamas has arrested some of their members in recent days and tortured them. Hamas said six of its members were arrested by PA security forces in the West Bank.

Palestinian human rights groups slammed Hamas' recent decision to reduce the sentences of two Salafi jihadists charged with kidnapping and murdering an Italian national. A Hamas spokesman denounced the coalition deal between Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and former Foreign Minister Tzipi Livni.

Former members of Fatah's Al Aqsa Martyrs Brigades asked the Palestinian Authority to raise their monthly pay of NIS 1,500. The number of Salafi jihadists from Gaza travellng to fight the Assad regime is on the rise. A Gaza court reduced the sentence of two Salafi jihadists convicted of kidnapping and murdering an Italian national.

Despite earlier denials, Hamas' Khalil al-Hayya confirmed that Hamas and Israel are engaged in indirect negotiations via Egyptian mediation. He said the negotiations are not "political negotiations" but merely related to the implementation of the ceasefire agreement that brought an end to Operation Pillar of Defense in November.

Hamas officials denied that they are engaged in indirect negotiations with Israel over potentially easing Israel's blockade of the Gaza Strip. Hamas' Salah Bardawil, who was recently part of the Hamas delegation expelled from Bulgaria, claimed Israel was behind the Burgas terror attack last July, which the Bulgarian government says was carried out by Hezbollah.

'Hamas 3' convicted after Red Cross office sit-in

Hamas: Egypt destroying Gaza smuggling tunnels by flooding them

Palestinian factions meeting in Cairo for unity talks have failed to reach a breakthrough in their discussions. One official involved in the discussions said the meetings "did not achieve anything." Hamas has already begun blaming Palestinian Authority President Abbas for the failure of the talks.