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Egyptian Salafist leaders plan visit to Gaza

Palestinian security forces in the West Bank arrested more than 25 members of Hamas. The arrests follow Monday's raids by the Israeli army that also targeted Hamas members.

Hamas leader Khaled Meshaal said he was in talks with Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas over forming a national unity government. A Palestinian court sentenced a man to a year in jail for cursing President Abbas on Facebook.

Salafists Feel Betrayed By Hamas' Moderate Stance

Weeks after thwarted plot, Islamic Jihad threatens to kidnap Israeli soldiers

Israeli forces in the West Bank arrested 25 members of Hamas, including three members of the Palestinian parliament. Sources said Israel planned to step up arrests to prevent a low-intensity conflict from turning into an uprising. Israeli intelligence said that three Islamic Jihad members arrested on Jan. 1 were planning to kidnap an Israeli soldier or civilian.

IDF & ISA Uncover Hamas Terrorist Assets in Hebron

Hamas plans more "enemy language" Hebrew in Gaza schools

Israel to Transfer Tax Funds to Palestinians

Rival Palestinian groups Fatah and Hamas have agreed to renew efforts to implement a unity deal. Hamas ousted Fatah from Gaza during clashes in 2007; the two groups signed an accord in 2011 but it was not implemented.

President Abbas ordered the government in the West Bank to be renamed from the "Palestinian Authority" to "State of Palestine." Abbas also warned that the government was is in "extreme jeopard"' because of an unprecedented financial crisis.

Morsy backs Syrian calls for al-Assad to face war crimes trial

Poll: Spike in Palestinian support for military operations against Israel

Fatah held a large rally in the Hamas stronghold of Gaza. This is the first such rally since Hamas took control of the area in 2007. The name of the Palestinian Authority was officially changed to "State of Palestine."

Obama's pivot to Asia? Middle East will still demand attention in 2013

Israel eased restrictions on shipping building materials into Gaza. In the West Bank, Arab League officials met with Palestinian Authority leaders to discuss the group's financial crisis and find ways to restart the peace process.

Egypt lets building material cross its border into Gaza

Egyptian forces intercept 17 rockets headed for Gaza

Human RIghts Watch criticises Hamas's legal system

Syria war fuels Christian flight from Middle East