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Palestinian Islamic Jihad released its documentary on the November war with Israel. The EU signed a $9 million aid deal with the Palestinian Authority. Palestinians in the West Bank protesting the upcoming visit of President Obama clashed with PA security forces. A Hamas delegation, which included Politburo Chief Khaled Meshal, concluded its visit to Egypt.

An Israeli was wounded in a drive-by shooting by Palestinians near the Kedumin settlement in the West Bank. Palestinian terrorists fired a rocket from Deir Al Balah towards the Mediterranean Sea. Palestinian Authority President Abbas called on the EU to delist Hamas as a terror organization. Palestinians in Bethlehem protested the upcoming visit of President Barack Obama.

Hamas officials said Sheikh Yusuf al-Qaradawi will visit the Gaza Strip in May. Hamas warned Israel not to harm Interior Minister Fathi Hamad, who Israel's Shin Bet recently said is involved in promoting Hamas' terror activities in the West Bank. Sources say the tension between Fatah and Hamas is currently at "unprecedented" levels.

Palestinian jihadist trainer killed fighting for Al Nusrah Front

Muhammad-Ahmed-Qanitah.jpgMuhammad Ahmed Qanitah was a member of the al Qaeda-linked Tawhid and Jihad Group in Jerusalem, and previously served in Hamas' Izz ad-Din al-Qassam Brigades.

Palestinian Authority President Abbas said he wanted peace talks with Israel to resume at some point in 2013, but he warned that "the hopes are probably not very high." Hamas said PA security forces detained 10 of their own members in the West Bank. A senior Hamas official said the group will continue its efforts to smuggle weapons into the Gaza Strip.

Exclusive: Gaza Salafists Take Fight To Syria

Fatah official: Remove Hamas from terrorist list

A senior Hamas official said that reconciliation with Fatah is not progressing anywhere, as Fatah is not serious about it. Hamas said two of its members were arrested by PA security forces. The World Bank transferred $60.5 million to support the Palestinian Authority's struggling budget. Lithuania upgraded Palestine's diplomatic status from a commission to a mission.

Hamas Interior Minister behind terror group's activities in West Bank

Did Israel do enough to Hamas in Operation Pillar of Defense?

Hamas called on Palestinians collaborating with Israel to hand themselves in and introduced voluntary weapons training to high schools in Gaza. A senior Hamas official said the US was pressuring Fatah not to reconcile with Hamas. A Palestinian journalist with ties to Al Jazeera was recently arrested by PA security forces.

UN Ties Gaza Baby's Death to Palestinians

A senior Hamas official said it is only "a matter of time" before countries start delisting Hamas as a terror organization. Rival factions Fatah and Hamas plan to restart reconciliation talks in April. The Palestinian terrorist responsible for the 2001 murder of Israeli minister Rehavam Zeevi was granted honorary citizenship by a town in France.

The Saudi-based Islamic Development Bank allocated nearly $80 million to fund reconstruction projects in the Gaza Strip on behalf of the Gulf Cooperation Council. Palestinian youth activists announced plans to protest the upcoming visit of President Obama. Senior Hamas official Mahmoud al Zahar said the third Intifada is coming in the West Bank.

A senior Hamas official denied that Hamas had received requests from Egypt to end its "armed resistance" against Israel. Islamic Jihad is preparing to release a video detailing the group's "achievements" during the November war with Israel. Palestinian Authority was found liable for the 2003 murder of a 15-year-old Israeli.

Palestinian factions, including Hamas, mourned the death of Venezuelan leader Hugo Chavez. Senior Fatah official Nabil Shaath said Chavez was a "loyal friend" who had worked "for freedom and glory...for all oppressed peoples." Hamas accused the Palestinian Authority of detaining eight of its members in the West Bank. The Palestinian Authority approved a plan to to register sites on UNESCO's world heritage list.

UNRWA cancelled a marathon in the Gaza Strip after Hamas forbid women from partaking in the event. Malaysia announced plans to provide approximately $6.5 million in support of projects in the Gaza Strip. Prime Minister Fayyad and President Abbas are at odds over the recent resignation of Finance Minister Nabil Qassis.

Hamas terror cell in Hebron exposed

Hamas announced plans to launch a new initiative to target collaborators with Israel. President Abbas met with Secretary of State Kerry to discuss the stalled peace process in Riyadh. Foreign Minister Al-Maliki said the Palestinian leadership is prepared to sign the Rome Statute in order to gain access to the ICC and other international bodies.

Hamas, which controls the Gaza Strip, is requiring exit visas for Palestinians who wish to enter Israel or the West Bank. Hamas reportedly rejected recent shipments of weapons from Libya that had tracking devices that Israel could allegedly monitor. Hamas PM Haniyeh called on Palestinians to continue protests in the "prisoners Intifada."