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Palestinian Authority President Abbas plans to suspend unilateral moves at the UN to give US attempts to restart the peace process a chance. Palestinians and Israeli security forces clashed in Hebron. Fatah's Al Aqsa Martyrs Brigades threaten to retaliate against Israel for the death of a Hamas terrorist. UNRWA was forced to close many of its facilities in Gaza following protests.

Israeli reporters covering Palestinians face threats

New IDF commander charged with preventing another intifada

MSC in Jerusalem claims rocket fire, demands Hamas release jihadists

The Mujahideen Shura Council in the Environs of Jerusalem took responsibility for two separate rocket attacks against Israel. In addition, the group called on Hamas to release Salafi jihadists currently imprisoned in Gaza.

Salafi jihadist arrested in Gaza, MSC claims additional rocket fire

Hamas confirmed the reelection of Khaled Meshal as the head of the group's Politburo. Hamas accused the Palestinian Authority of arresting 83 of its members in March. Prime Minister Fayyad remains in the hospital due to an inflamed pancreas.

Hamas orders schools in Gaza to be segregated by gender

Imprisoned, Tortured, Killed: Human Trafficking Thrives on Sinai Peninsula

Palestinian President Abbas signed a pact with Jordan's King Abdullah II to defend Jerusalem. Hamas' Ismail Haniyeh met with Egypt's intelligence chief. Sources said Hamas reelected Khaled Meshal as the head of its Politburo. A Palestinian man was sentenced to six months in prison for liking a Facebook post critical of a Palestinian Authority official.

Palestinians throughout the West Bank and Gaza partook in Land Day protests. Hamas' Ismail Haniyeh made a surprise visit to Cairo. Hamas declared it remains committed to "resistance" against Israel. Palestinian Authority President Abbas will not attend an Arab League summit if Hamas officials are present.

Salafi jihadists warn of impending campaign of arrests by Hamas

Palestinians clashed with Israeli security forces near Hebron. Islamic Jihad held a rally in Gaza in which members warned that Israel will not have security as long as it occupies Palestinian land. Palestinian Authority President Abbas pardoned a journalist who had been sentenced to a year in jail for "insulting" him. A Hamas official said the results of the group's Politburo elections will be revealed soon.

Israel's enemies have put the entire civilian population on the frontline

A Hamas member died in Gaza when a smuggling tunnel collapsed. A senior Hamas official said some Palestinians are spreading false information about Hamas in attempt to damage the group's relations with Egypt. A Palestinian journalist was sentenced to one year in prison for "insulting" PA President Abbas. An Islamic Jihad terrorist, who was serving eight years in jail, was released by Israel to Gaza.

Hamas vehemently denies ties to Rafah attack

Military training at Gaza archaeological site prompts worries

Palestinian violence in West Bank has increased

Libya becomes an international weapons bazaar

A court in Gaza sentenced a man to death for allegedly collaborating with Israel. The Palestinian leadership is working to have Palestine admitted as a member of INTERPOL. Hamas said it is ready to cooperate with Egyptian authorities in their probe into the Rafah attack last August that killed 16 Egyptian soldiers. Eight Hamas members were arrested by PA security forces in the West Bank.

A top Palestinian official said a partial settlement freeze would not be enough to restart peace talks with Israel. Five Palestinian youths were arrested for their suspected involvement in a rock-throwing attack that recently injured a number of Israelis, including an infant. A Palestinian carrying a pipe bomb was arrested near Nablus. The Turkish Prime Minister said he plans to visit the Gaza Strip in April.