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Egypt's President Morsi takes sweeping new powers

Hamas leaders emerge stronger than ever, Palestinians say

Bus bombing in Tel Aviv injures at least 21

On Wednesday, a bomb exploded on a public bus in Tel Aviv, injuring at least 21 people. Israeli authorities are currently searching for the perpetrators of the attack.

Palestinian Authority sidelined in Hamas-Israel conflict

Turkey, With Anti-Israel Stance, Sidelined as Mideast Broker

A Rain of Rockets: How Hamas Terror Works along the Border

Analysis of Hamas Military Capability After Six-Day Conflict With Israel

Brigades That Fire on Israel Show a Deadly New Discipline

Gaza Clash Escalates With Deadliest Israeli Strike

Arms With a Long Reach Help Hamas

Israel moves on reservists after rockets target cities

Sinai jihadist group urges Egyptians to fight Israel if army won't

Hamas, Emboldened, Tests Its Arab Alliances

Hamas military chief killed in Gaza air strike

Israel was hit by rockets attacks from Gaza. Israeli forces responded with airstrikes. Israel said it might resume targeted killings of militant leaders. Hamas and Islamic Jihad said they were ready for a truce.

Egypt arrests a number of wanted jihadists in Sinai

Since Wednesday, Egyptian authorities have reportedly arrested a number of wanted jihadists operating in the Sinai Peninsula. The brother of one of the arrested has threatened to carry out attacks if his brother, Ahmed Allam el Hefny, is not released.

Palestinians and Israeli army units traded fire in Gaza. Four Palestinians were killed and 25 wounded; four Israeli soldiers were also wounded.

Mujahideen Shura Council leader slams Hamas, calls for public dialogue

Top Salafi-Jihadist leader in Gaza complained of mistreatment by Hamas prior to death

Abdullah Azzam Brigades offers condolences for top Salafi leaders killed in Gaza