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Israeli Defense Forces: Abduction attempts in 2013 already equal to 2012 total

The Palestinian Authority requested that Secretary of State Kerry try to secure the release of a number of Palestinians held in Israeli prisons. A new Palestinian government was sworn in during a ceremony in Ramallah.

Hamas denied reports that its military wing seeks to maintain a relationship with Hezbollah and Iran despite opposition from members of the group's Politburo. Palestinian terrorists reportedly fired three mortars toward Israel. The mortars landed in Gaza. Seven Hamas members were arrested by PA security forces in the West Bank.

President Abbas said a new government will be formed in the coming days. Secretary of State Kerry reportedly asked Abbas for more time to restart peace talks between Israel and the Palestinian leadership. Seven Hamas members were arrested by PA security forces in the West Bank.

Pillar of Defense versus Cast Lead, 6 months after

Israel thwarts Hamas terror plots involving Qatar-based terrorist

President Abbas chose academic Rami Hamdallah as the new prime minister of the Palestinian Authority. Hamas condemned the appointment and said that the government did not represent the Palestinian people.

Iran cuts Hamas funding over Syria

PA security forces arrested four Hamas members in the West Bank. A senior Hamas official said kidnapping Israelis was at the heart of Palestinian culture. President Abbas lamented that he is under intense pressure to resume talks with Israel without requiring preconditions for negotiations.

In West Bank shadows, repressed Hamas breathes on

Two Palestinians in Gaza were sentenced to death for allegedly collaborating with Israel. The Palestinian leadership is reportedly putting little faith in the US effort to restart peace talks with Israel. President Abbas met with Secretary of State Kerry to discuss the peace process with Israel; some Palestinians protested the meeting in Ramallah.

Muhajireen Brigade official calls on Hamas to end campaign against Salafi jihadists

Abu Talha al Libi - al Muhajireen Brigade in the Levant.jpgThe top sharia official from the Muhajireen Brigade, an al Qaeda-linked jihadist group in Syria, slammed Hamas' recent crackdown against Salafi jihadists in the Gaza Strip. The official also called on Hamas to join hands with the Salafi jihadists in Gaza to fight Israel.

More Palestinian kidnapping plots thwarted by Israel

A senior Palestinian official said the legal work to apply for Palestinian membership in 63 UN agencies, conventions, and treaties had been completed. PA security forces reportedly arrested three Hamas members in the West Bank. A Hamas official reiterated that the group was willing to close down smuggling tunnels in exchange for the creation of commercial crossings with Egypt. Hamas' Interior Ministry instructed security forces in Gaza to uphold "standards of manliness."

Palestinian prisoners used forbidden mobile phones to plot terror attacks

Hamas forces reportedly seized 100 rockets and 500 rifles belonging to Fatah's al Aqsa Martyrs Brigades in Gaza. A jihadist news agency accused Hamas of hacking a number of al Qaeda-affiliated forums. Hamas' Interior Minister Fathi Hammad said he was in discussions with Egyptian officials to allow for the reopening of the Rafah crossing.

Tunneling KFC to Gazans Craving the World Outside

Two Palestinian terrorists were wounded at a training facility in the northern Gaza Strip. Three Palestinians preparing to ignite a series of Molotov cocktails were detained by Israeli security forces before being handed over to Palestinian authorities. Hamas and Islamic Jihad condemned the Palestinian Authority for holding secret talks with Israeli leaders, which were revealed in the Israeli media.

Hamas and Salafi jihadists at odds over rocket fire from Gaza into Israel

Gaza Salafists Accuse Hamas Of Harassment, Torture