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Ansar Jerusalem claims new rocket attack on Eilat

Palestinian jihadist group claims credit for Arizona wildfire

Hamas manufacturing rockets capable of reaching central Israel

Military Training Of The Resistance Factions In Gaza

Hamas said that war with Israel was unlikely to break out in the near future. Hamas announced the death of a member of the al Qassam Brigades who is also a nephew of Hamas leader Ismail Haniyeh. Hamas called on the Palestinian Authority not to push forward with negotiations with Israel.

Three Palestinians were arrested in possession of a variety of weapons in a West Bank village by Israeli authorities; the three admitted they were planning a terror attack. Israeli and Palestinian officials have been conducting "secret talks" related to the potential release of numerous Palestinians arrested prior to the 1993 Oslo Accords.

Palestinian fighters warn of third intifada

Palestinian Islamic Jihad resumed formal contact with Hamas, following a recent suspension of ties. Jordan's King Abdullah warned that Palestinians may launch an Arab Spring-style revolt. Israel reopened the Kerem Shalom and Erez crossings with Gaza, which had been closed in response to recent rocket fire from the Gaza Strip.

Turkish Prime Minister Erdogan said he could make a surprise visit to the Gaza Strip at "any time." Palestinian Islamic Jihad called for the removal of Hamas' Interior Minister Fathi Hammad. Senior Hamas official Mousa Abu Marzouk met with Hezbollah and Iranian officials during a recent visit to Lebanon.

Officials: Obama's policy team trying to 'rein in' Kerry over pledges to allies, rivals

IDF's lessons from last Gaza conflict: Buy new tank carriers, train troops away from front lines

An Army of Islam member died as a result of wounds sustained in an Israeli airstrike in November 2010. Israeli media claimed President Abbas is prepared to resume talks with Israel for a short period. The Palestinian Authority denied the report, however.

Hamas' Interior Minister Hammad said the "destruction" of Israel will occur in "phases." Prime Minister Hamdallah's resignation was accepted by President Abbas. A commander in Palestinian Islamic Jihad's al Quds Brigades died as a result of wounds sustained following a recent altercation with Hamas forces in Gaza.

Prime Minister Hamdallah withdrew his resignation request after lobbying efforts by President Abbas and his aides. A Hamas delegation led by Mousa Abu Marzouk left Cairo for Beirut.

Salafi jihadist supporters hold 3rd public protest against Hamas this year

Prime Minister Hamdallah offered his resignation to President Abbas after serving only two weeks in office. A court in Hamas-controlled Gaza issued a death sentence for a Palestinian who allegedly collaborated with Israel. A senior Hamas official said the group maintains "good relations" with Hezbollah.

Assessments contradict President's al Qaeda claim

Palestinian terrorists in Gaza fired at least one rocket toward Israel; the rocket landed in Gaza, however. In response, Israel closed the Kerem Shalom crossing. Five Hamas members were reportedly arrested by PA security forces in the West Bank. A senior Hamas official said the group recently held meetings with US and European officials regarding its designation as a terror organization.

Jihadists in Syria call on Hamas to end campaign against Salafi jihadists

In a new video, jihadists in Syria denounced Hamas' recent arrest campaign against Salafi jihadists in the Gaza Strip. The jihadists also called on Palestinians in Hamas and other factions to join the Mujahideen Shura Council in the Environs of Jerusalem.

A Hamas delegation led by Khaled Meshal traveled from Egypt to Turkey to meet with Prime Minister Erdogan. Hamas denounced reports that 30 jihadists had entered the Sinai from Gaza and joined a military base in the area. An IDF general alleged that the Palestinian Authority has scaled back funding of a group known for demonstrations against the IDF.