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Unrest in Egypt: Closed Tunnels Could Ruin Hamas

Palestinian Islamic Jihad's Ramadan Shallah denounced ongoing talks between Israeli and Palestinian officials in Washington. President Abbas said he is opposed to the establishment of a free trade zone between Gaza and Egypt, which Hamas has repeatedly requested. Human Rights Watch called on the Palestinian Authority to investigate recent actions by PA security forces during a rally by PFLP supporters. A senior Hamas official said the Palestinian group seeks to retain its ties to Iranian-backed Hezbollah. The Palestinian Authority released a report claiming that Israel recently kidnapped Wael Abu Reda, a Gaza-based terrorist, from the Sinai.

While in Cairo, President Abbas said he would not accept any Israelis in a future Palestinian state. Israeli authorities plan to provide an increased amount of fuel and food to the Gaza Strip. The Palestinian Authority praised Palestinians imprisoned in Israeli prisons for security offenses as "strugglers for their freedom and not terrorists."

Hamas shut down the offices of Al Arabiya and Ma'an News Agency after they allegedly published 'false news' that was critical of Hamas. Palestinian officials said they will engage in talks with Israel only if it confirms its intention to release a number of Palestinian prisoners.

The Popular Resistance Committees called on Hamas to stop arrests of 'mujahideen' in the Gaza Strip. Hamas officials recently met with Hezbollah and Iranian officials in Lebanon to discuss their relationships, which have frayed as a result of the Syrian civil war. Hamas' Ismail Haniyeh called on the Egyptian media to end its incitement against Palestinians.

Popular Resistance Committees calls on Hamas to stop arrests of 'mujahideen'

President Abbas said any agreement with Israel would be brought up to a referendum. Abbas also said that "all options are open" if there is no progress in peace talks with Israel. Hamas official Abu Marzouk denied that the group's al Qassam Brigades is operating in Egypt.

Former Fatah strongman Mohammed Dahlan said Mahmoud Abbas' decision to renew peace talks with Israel is political suicide. Hamas officials expressed concern that Egypt's operations against smuggling tunnels between Gaza and Egypt are causing a "humanitarian situation." A senior PLO official said the Palestinian leadership has not yet decided to resume negotiations with Israel.

Hamas leader Khaled Meshal said Islamists must learn from their mistakes in Egypt and Tunisia. Hamas said Mahmoud Abbas' decision to renew peace talks with Israel is a "disaster." Palestinian officials said they were assured by Secretary of State Kerry that negotiations with Israel, should they resume, will be based on the 1967 lines.

Israel indicts Palestinian tied to number of terror groups

Israeli authorities today filed an indictment against Wael Abu Reda, a Palestinian who has purportedly committed a plethora of security offenses during his time in a number of Palestinian terror groups, including Hamas' al Aqsa Defenders.

Fatah called on Hamas to take steps toward a unity government; Hamas rejected a deadline for reconciliation. Palestinian officials said they want to make changes to Secretary of State Kerry's plans for peace talks with Israel. Officials also said that Israel must meet a set of terms before the negotiations. The Mujahideen Shura Council in the Environs of Jerusalem issued a statement of condolence to AQAP for the death of its deputy leader, Said al Shihri. Hamas urged Egyptian authorities to allow smuggling tunnels between Gaza and Egypt to remain open.

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