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Hamas and Salafi jihadists reportedly seeking to 'normalize relations'

Hamas agrees with Gaza Jihadists to stop firing at Israel

Terrorism newest worry for cargo ships

Seven members of Hamas' police force in Gaza were injured following an explosion during training. A jihadist media unit recently released posters for five Palestinians and an Israeli Arab killed fighting in Syria. Hundreds of Palestinian troops were deployed to the Jenin area, which has seen increased unrest in recent weeks.

Jihadist media unit releases posters for Palestinian fighters killed in Syria

Shin Bet probe reveals scope of Hamas money laundering through Chinese banks

Hamas announced the death of Qassam Brigades member Abed Al Kareem Fayyad. In recent days, Palestinian terrorists fired five rockets and mortars toward Israel, three of which exploded prematurely. Grenada and Haiti recently announced their recognition of the State of Palestine. The Popular Resistance Committees held a military parade in Gaza and said it remains committed to "resistance" against Israel.

Recent images and video from the Gaza Strip indicate that at least three terror groups are in the possession of Strela 2 MANPADS in the Hamas-controlled coast enclave. The Islamic Movement's Sheikh Raed Salah said the "state of anger" on the Palestinian street could lead to a third Intifada. Fatah's al Aqsa Martyrs Brigades in Gaza said Israel's "crimes" will not go unnoticed, and that Israel will "pay a heavy price soon." Hamas and Palestinian Islamic Jihad called for the start of a third Intifada.

Is Fatah's Armed Wing Making A Comeback?

Number of Gaza terror groups possess Strela 2 MANPADS

Recent photos and video from the Gaza Strip provide clear evidence that Hamas and other Palestinian terror groups are in the possession of Strela 2 (SA-7 Grail) MANPADS. Israeli officials have previously warned that Palestinian terror groups were benefiting from the looting of weapon stockpiles in Libya.

Hamas' Interior Ministry said Gaza had suffered its first "martyr" as a result of Egypt's siege on the Gaza Strip. Hamas Politburo official Khalil al Hayya called for more Palestinian sniper attacks on Israelis in the West Bank.

The Palestinian Authority's foreign minister refrained from condemning the recent killings of IDF soldiers in the West Bank. Hamas' Qassam Brigades praised the latest attack in Hebron as a "heroic operation." Representatives from Hamas, Hezbollah, and Iran recently met and agreed to fortify the "axis of resistance."

Another Israeli soldier killed in West Bank

Palestinian murders Israeli soldier in West Bank

Salafi jihadist from Gaza reportedly killed fighting for ISIS in Syria

A Palestinian from the northern Gaza City of Beit Hanoun reportedly died recently in a "martyrdom operation" while fighting alongside the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant in Syria. Mohammed Za'anin is at least the fourth jihadist from Gaza to have been killed fighting in Syria.

Hamas accused Palestinian Authority security forces of arresting 10 of its supporters in the West Bank. Israeli authorities apprehended a Palestinian youth in the West Bank who has planning on carrying out a terror attack. Hamas accused Egyptian authorities of destroying smuggling tunnels between Gaza and Egypt to tighten the blockade of the Gaza Strip.

Hamas seeks to lower tension with Egypt

1967 Border Is a Source of Strain in the Israeli-Palestinian Talks

Hamas' Interior Minister Fathi Hammad said Hamas was interested in starting a naval academy in the Gaza Strip. A senior Palestinian official said some countries have said they will recognize Palestine should negotiations with Israel fail. Palestinian Islamic Jihad denied that its weapons are being used in the Sinai.

Salafi jihadists hold public march in Gaza denouncing Assad and el Sisi

Salafi jihadists in the Gaza Strip recently held a rare public demonstration in the Gaza Strip denouncing the Assad regime as well as the Egyptian military's takeover. In addition to numerous al Qaeda black flags, demonstrators held pictures of Bashar al Assad and Abdel Fattah el Sisi with text calling the two leaders "murderers and killers."