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The military killed eight Taliban fighters in Arakzai. The government postponed polio vaccinations in Quetta after yesterday's deadly bombing that killed scores of Shiites.

A bombing in Quetta killed 79 Pakistani Shiites and wounded more than 170. Security forces killed a Taliban fighter and detained 12 more during operations in Bannu and Taxila.

Pakistani jets killed eight "militants" in Arakzai. The chief minister of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa dodged a suicide bombing in Mardan. The fate of the Taliban commander Tariq Afridi is still unknown. The Taliban rejected peace talks.

A suicide bomber killed seven people in an attack on a police station in Bannu. Upwards of six members of a Taliban suicide assault team were killed in a separate attack on a police station in Bannu. The Taliban killed nine people in two bombings in Arakzai. Two Taliban commanders were gunned down in Khyber.

US drones killed two Arab al Qaeda operatives, including an explosives expert, four Uzbeks, and a Taliban fighter in a strike in South Waziristan. Pakistan's foreign secretary claimed al Qaeda has been eliminated in his country.

Thirteen security personnel, 12 Taliban fighters, and 10 civilians were killed after the Taliban launched an assault on a checkpoint in Lakki Marwat. The Taliban killed two more soldiers in an IED attack in Arakzai.

A suicide bomber killed 22 civilians in an attack outside of two mosques in Hangu. Six Pakistanis were killed after mortars fired from Afghanistan struck in South Waziristan.

The Pakistani military claimed it killed 33 Taliban and Lashkar-e-Islam fighters in airstrikes in Khyber and Arakzai tribal agencies. The Taliban, which has been battling the rival Ansarul Islam in Khyber, denied the Pakistani military's claims.

Fifty-three people were killed after the Movement of the Taliban in Pakistan and Ansarul Islam clashed in Khyber's Tirah Valley. Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa's information minister called for peace talks with the Taliban.

Two policemen, including a Deputy Superintendent of Police, and two civilians were killed in a bombing in Karachi. Pakistan admitted to holding more than 700 terrorism suspects without charging them with crimes.

The Taliban executed a "US spy" who they claimed is responsible for the drone strike that killed mullah Nazir in South Waziristan. The Taliban's spokesman vowed that his group would attack a Hindu group in Kashmir.

The Taliban killed two soldiers in Mohmand and a Frontier Corps trooper in Khyber, and wounded four soldiers in an IED attack in North Waziristan. Thirty-eight people have been killed in sectarian violence in Karachi in the past week.

The Taliban in South Waziristan distributed pamphlets conveying their determination to control the area and avenge the death of Mullah Nazir, who was killed by a US drone strike two weeks ago. The Taliban also said there was no disunity in their ranks, which are being led by new commander Salahuddin Ayubi.

The Mujahideen Ansar, an Uzbek group, took credit for the IED attack in North Waziristan that killed 14 Pakistani soldiers. The Taliban killed three more soldiers in an IED attack in Charsadda.

The Lashkar-e-Jhangvi killed 92 people in suicide and IED attacks in Quetta. Twenty-two more Pakistanis were killed in a blast in Swat; it is unclear if the blast was caused by a bomb. US drones killed six "militants" in North Waziristan.

The Taliban killed a policeman and two civilians in an IED attack on a police van in Lakki Marwat, and killed two security personnel in another bombing in Mohmand.

Pakistani officials claimed that at least 25 mortar shells fired from Afghanistan struck the border area of Ghulam Khan in North Waziristan. Seven unidentified bullet-riddled bodies were found dumped near Sarobi in North Waziristan. Tribesmen held a massive rally in South Waziristan demonstrating against the US drone campaign.

The Taliban named Bahwal Khan as Mullah Nazir's replacement in South Waziristan. Security forces killed 21 Lashkar-e-Islam fighters in Khyber. Two people were killed in a bombing at an electrical tower in Peshawar. Seven bodies thought to be kidnapped Pakistani soldiers were found in North Waziristan.

US drones killed five "militants" in South Waziristan. "Gunmen" kidnapped seven soldiers in Jand as they were returning from leave in Rawalpindi. Security forces killed two "terrorists" during an operation in Miramshah in North Waziristan.

The Taliban claimed credit for a bombing in Karachi that killed four people at an MQM rally in Karachi. Seven aid workers were gunned down in Swabi; no group has claimed the attack.