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Social Media Jihad: Open interview with al Qaeda's sharia official in Pakistan

Dozens killed in Taliban infighting in South Waziristan

Pakistani Taliban launch website, which is promptly taken down

Details emerge on Ahrar-ul-Hind's emir

Pakistani military to end airstrikes against Taliban

American jihadist in Pakistan partially identified

Pakistani military launches more airstrikes in the northwest

Taliban 'negotiator' Abdullah Aziz appears with armed guards

US stops adding al Qaeda leaders to 'kill list'

State Department deputy spokesperson mischaracterizes al Qaeda

Taliban attack Pakistani military in Rawalpindi, Bannu

Taliban assassinate Karachi police chief

Mullah Fazlullah is in Pakistan, spokesman claims

Pakistan 'strongly condemns' drone strike that killed Haqqani Network leaders

Suicide bomber strikes in Kabul

Mullah Fazlullah's appointment indicates business as usual for Pakistani Taliban

Pakistani Taliban to target military, government to avenge leader killed in drone strike

Pakistan condemns drone strike that killed Hakeemullah Mehsud

Suicide bomber kills provincial minister in Pakistan's northwest

Taliban denies Pakistan freed Mullah Baradar