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Taliban attack NATO supply lines in northwest Pakistan

A bridge in Khyber is severely damaged in a mortar attack while Taliban fighters rocketed a trucking terminal in Peshawar.

Analysis: US outlines new Afghanistan strategy

The focus is on Pakistan's sanctuaries, a troop and civilian "surge," accelerating the growth of the Afghan security forces, reconciliation with the Taliban, improved governance, and international cooperation.

Taliban suicide bomber kills 50, destroys mosque in Pakistan

A suicide bomber detonated in the middle of a mosque during Friday prayers. The Taliban is on pace to exceed the 2007 and 2008 yearly suicide attack totals.

Taliban suicide bomber kills 11 pro-government tribesmen in Pakistan

Baitullah's Mehsud's Taliban movement took credit for today's attack on a tribe that worked with the government to oppose the expansion of the Taliban.

Latest US strike targets al Qaeda safehouse in North Waziristan

The second airstrike in 24 hours killed five Taliban and al Qaeda operatives. The attack took place outside of Mir Ali in North Waziristan, where Abu Kasha al Iraqi operates.

US places bounty on senior Taliban and al Qaeda leaders

The Department of State has offered a $5 million reward for information leading to the capture of Baitullah Mehsud and Sirajuddin Haqqani, and a $1 million bounty on Abu Yahya al Libi.

US airstrike kills 8 in Baitullah Mehsud's hometown

The first attack inside Pakistan since March 15 killed eight "foreigners" in South Waziristan.

Al Qaeda-trained Britons return from Pakistan

More than 20 Britons have trained in al Qaeda camps inside Pakistan and are thought to be returning to Britain.

Coalition strike kills senior Taliban leader in Helmand

Maulawi Hassan and nine associates were killed in an airstrike in northern Helmand province as fighting intensifies in southern Afghanistan.

Coalition and Taliban forces battle throughout Afghanistan

More that 40 Taliban fighters and 15 Afghan security personnel have been killed during the past two days of fighting. Pakistan's Mullah Nazir threatens suicide attacks against US forces.

Taliban attacks another NATO trucking terminal in Peshawar

More than 50 NATO vehicles and containers have been destroyed in two attacks in Peshawar over the past two days.

US launches second strike outside of Pakistan's tribal areas

Two al Qaeda operatives and two Taliban fighters are reported to have been killed in an attack on a compound Bannu.

Taliban attacks NATO trucking terminal in Peshawar

More than 20 NATO vehicles are destroyed after a Taliban rocket attack set a terminal ablaze.

Pakistan proposes integration of Taliban into security forces

The Malakand Division Commissioner wants the Taliban to round out the area's police and tribal Levies forces.

Death toll rises in attack on Shadow Army training center in Kurram

More than 24 Taliban and al Qaeda fighters were killed and more than 50 were wounded in yesterday's strike on a Shadow Army training facility and logistical hub.

US missile strike in Kurram agency levels Taliban training camp

predator-uav.jpgThe latest cross-border strike targeted a Taliban hideout and camp in the second attack in Kurram since the Predator campaign heated up last year.

New Bajaur peace deal identical to failed 2007 agreement

A 28-point peace agreement calls for the Taliban to end fighting, lay down weapons, and stop sheltering al Qaeda. The same agreement in 2007 led to the Taliban dominance of Bajaur.

Pakistani provincial minister escapes assassination attempt

Three people were killed in Peshawar after an assault team attempted to kill the chief minister of the Northwest Frontier Province.

Taliban executes Pakistani troops in Mohmand

The Taliban has launched attacks in the tribal agencies of Mohmand and Bajaur, where the military claimed to have defeated the group.

Car bomb kills 8 in Peshawar

Seven policemen, one civilian killed in the latest attack on police in the provincial capital.