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Pakistan releases Red Mosque leader who led insurrection in capital

Maulana Abdul Aziz, the leader of the radical Lal Masjid who led a revolt in the heart of Islamabad, is released on bail by Pakistan's Supreme Court after serving less than two years in jail.

Terrorists rally in Swat, march through region

The Malakand Accord has boosted the Taliban and al Qaeda in the Swat Valley and beyond. New training camps are being established and recruitment is up as the Taliban flaunts its power.

Pakistan signs sharia bill into law

President Zardari signs the Nizam-e-Adl regulation after a majority of parliament voted in favor of the legislation. The Taliban threatened violence if the law was not passed and said any member of parliament who refused to sign the bill was a non-Muslim.

Al Qaeda's Shadow Army commander outlines Afghan strategy

LWJ exclusive: Abdullah Said, the new leader of al Qaeda's paramilitary organization, explained his plan to defeat the Coalition in Afghanistan.

Al Qaeda operative Rashid Rauf survived US strike

Intelligence officials claimed Rauf was killed in a Nov. 2008 Predator strike in North Waziristan. Rauf is now thought to have directed the failed plots to attack major European cities, including bombings in England during Easter Weekend.

Analysis: Pakistani TNSM serves as Taliban front

The government is promoting the TNSM as an honest broker in the Swat peace negotiations while a TNSM spokesman admits the pro-Taliban group can order the Taliban to take up arms against the state.

Taliban move on Buner despite promise to withdraw

Buner showcases the failure of Pakistan's efforts to encourage the tribes to resist the Taliban.

Swat peace agreement collapses

Pro-Taliban leader Sufi Mohammed has called off the Malakand Accord and claimed the federal government is dragging its feet on signing the law that would implement sharia.

US Predator kills 4 in South Waziristan strike

The latest attack took place in the tribal areas run by Mullah Nazir. A Predator fired on a vehicle in the town of Gangi Khel, the scene of a strike in January.

Taliban advance on Buner

The Pakistani Taliban seek to spread sharia by force in a small district in Pakistan's northwest.

Suicide bomber kills 24 at Shia mosque in Pakistan

The Taliban terror-insurgency continues to shift eastward. A bomber detonated at the front gate of a mosque in Punjab province in the latest attack on religious sites in Pakistan.

Suicide bomber kills eight policemen in Islamabad

The bomber struck at the Frontier Constabulary camp in Pakistan's capital. The unit is responsible for providing security at diplomatic missions and VIP homes.

US strikes Haqqani Network in North Waziristan

Thirteen are reported killed in the latest airstrike in Pakistan's tribal areas. A suicide attack in North Waziristan targets security forces, kills five. Baitullah Mehsud takes credit for New York shooting spree.

Taliban destroy NATO vehicles in latest attack on Peshawar truck terminal

Nine NATO vehicles are destroyed in the fourth attack on Peshawar terminals in three weeks.

Lashkar-e-Taiba leader said to be in Pakistani custody directs operations in Kashmir

Yusuf Muzammil, the senior operations commander for Lashkar-e-Taiba and one of the prime plotters in last year's assault on Mumbai, is directing sophisticated cross-border strikes into India-held Kashmir despite Pakistan's claim that he is in custody.

Arakzai strike targeted senior Taliban, al Qaeda commanders

Yesterday's airstrike in Arakzai targeted a meeting being held by Hakeemullah Mehsud and al Qaeda operatives. A senior al Qaeda operative and three other Arabs were reported killed in the attack.

Taliban kills 13 in suicide assault on Kandahar government center

Three suicide bombers targeted a provincial meeting with tribal leaders. The strike is the latest in a series of complex attacks in Afghanistan, Pakistan, and India.

US launches first strike in Arakzai tribal agency

predator-uav.jpgTwelve are killed in a US Predator strike as the air campaign continues to expand beyond the traditional hunting grounds of North and South Waziristan and Bajaur.

Baitullah Mehsud takes credit for Pakistan attacks, threatens US

Pakistan's Taliban leader threatened to strike in Washington and said the recent attacks on the Lahore police training center, a military convoy in Bannu, and a special police unit in Islamabad were in response to the US air campaign targeting Taliban leaders in Pakistan's tribal areas.

Waziristan-based terror group takes credit for Lahore assault

The Fedayeen-e-Islam, a front for the Jaish-e-Mohammed, said it conducted the attack on the Lahore police training center in retaliation for the Pakistan military's presence in the tribal areas