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Taliban suicide team strikes Peshawar hotel in latest complex assault

Eleven people were killed and more than 70 were wounded in a suicide assault at the luxury Pearl Continental Hotel. The attack is the latest in a series of complex assaults in Pakistan, Afghanistan, and India.

Pakistani military launches operation in Bannu

More than 20 Taliban fighters have been killed in two tribal areas just outside of North Waziristan. The move may be a prelude to an operation into Waziristan.

Report: Tora Bora Front leader captured in Peshawar

Anwarul Haq Mujahid, the son of famed mujahedeen commander Yunis Khalis, is reportedly in Pakistani police custody and is being interrogated. The report has not been confirmed.

Tribes target Taliban in Dir after mosque bombing

Locals killed 17 Taliban fighters and attacked their homes after Friday's deadly suicide attack at a mosque that killed more than 40 people.

TNSM deputy and spokesman killed in Taliban ambush

Deputy leader Muhammad Alam and spokesman Ameer Izzat Khan were killed as they were being transported to Peshawar. A suicide bomber failed in attack at police station in Islamabad.

Suicide bomber kills more than 40 Pakistanis in latest attack at Pakistani mosques

The suicide bomber struck as the mosque was packed with worshipers attending Friday prayers. The Taliban also killed seven policemen in a complex ambush in Mardan.

Pakistan targets leaders behind the Malakand Accord

Three senior TNSM leaders have been detained, while it is rumored that Sufi Mohammed and two of his sons were also detained.

Al Qaeda operatives targeting Pakistani leaders

After a meeting held recently in Afghanistan's Paktia province, Al Qaeda has transferred seven operatives from the Iraq theater to target senior Pakistani leaders.

Pakistani court orders release of Lashkar-e-Taiba leader

hafiz-saeed-2.jpgThe Lahore High Court said Hafiz Saeed must be released from house arrest, despite seeing evidence that links him to al Qaeda.

Islamabad terrorist commander linked to Red Mosque leader

Fidaullah ran a terror camp in Hangu and was behind two suicide attacks against security forces in Islamabad. He has close links to Maulana Abdullah Aziz, and was arrested outside his home with a former member of parliament.

Taliban kidnap hundreds of cadets in Waziristan

Dozens of buses packed with hundreds of students and guarded by security forces were stopped by well-armed Taliban fighters and captured.

Taliban attack paramilitary camp in South Waziristan

Between 25 to 50 Taliban fighters and seven soldiers have been reported killed in clashes after the Taliban targeted a Frontier Corps camp and a convoy in the lawless tribal agency.

Afghan and Coalition forces kill 35 Taliban fighters in Zabul

The combined forces counterattacked after being ambushed in the Day Chopan district in the southeastern province.

Pakistan boosts bounty on Swat Taliban leader Fazlullah

The government raised the bounty for 21 senior commanders in Swat. Nearly all of the Taliban leadership has escaped the Swat operation thus far.

Taliban strike in Peshawar

Eight Pakistanis were killed in three bombings and an ambush in the provincial capital of Pakistan's Northwest Frontier Province. The Taliban take credit for the Lahore strike and threaten to attack in Pakistan's major cities.

Coalition targets Haqqani Network commander, kills 29 fighters

A large firefight broke out in the Wor Marnay district of Paktika province after US and Afghan forces attempted to detain a senior Haqqani commander known as Sangeen.

Terror assault team targets police and intelligence officials in Lahore

Twenty-three people were killed after gunmen attacked a police headquarters and a building used by Pakistan's Inter-Services Intelligence agency. The attackers set off a car bomb during the street battle.

Pakistani troops advance into Swat's main town

Soldiers have seized several strategic intersections in their initial move into the town of Mingora, according to the military. The Taliban appear to be conserving their main forces for future battles.

Pakistan detained senior Shadow Army commander

Abu Sufyan al Yemeni is a senior officer who was responsible for facilitating the movement of recruits and operatives into Pakistan's tribal areas and served as a conduit for communications to al Qaeda cells worldwide.

Waziristan operation not on the horizon: Zardari

Pakistan's president said he was misquoted during his visit to the US. Previous reports, which he discredited, have sparked an exodus in South Waziristan.