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36 killed in bombings in Pakistan's tribal areas

Rival extremist groups vie for control in Khyber; a blast kills 11 civilians in Arakzai.

Pakistan captures Afghan Taliban's shadow governor of Baghlan province

Mullah Mir Mohammad was arrested along with Mullah Abdul Salam, the shadow governor of Kunduz. Pakistan also rounded up nine al Qaeda operatives and local Taliban commanders in Karachi.

US airstrikes target Haqqani Network in North Waziristan

Three Haqqani Network fighters are among the four terrorists reported killed in the fourth US attack in five days. Siraj Haqqani was the target of the strike.

Pakistan detains Taliban shadow governor of Kunduz

Mullah Abdul Salam was captured by the ISI and CIA in Faisalabad one week ago. Salam is the second senior Taliban leader captured in Pakistan in the past two weeks.

Latest US airstrike kills 3 in North Waziristan

The attack is the third in four days, and may signal an uptick in US operations in the tribal areas.

Taliban confirm Mullah Baradar captured

Two Taliban leaders said Mullah Omar's deputy has indeed been captured, and that it occurred not in Karachi but during the operation in Marja in Helmand province, Afghanistan.

Mullah Baradar, the Afghan Taliban's deputy commander, reported captured in Karachi

Pakistani and US intelligence services captured the deputy leader and operational commander of the Afghan Taliban during a raid in Karachi, US officials told The New York Times. A Taliban spokesman denied the report.

US strike kills 4 in North Waziristan

predator-uav.jpgUnmanned aircraft targeted a vehicle in the Taliban-controlled region. The attack is the second in 24 hours.

Taliban's mastermind of suicide attacks is alive

qari-hussain.JPGQari Hussain Mehsud spoke to the media to take credit for last week's suicide attacks that killed policemen in Bannu. The Pakistani government had claimed that Qari Hussain was killed along with Hakeemullah Mehsud.

US strikes training camp in North Waziristan

Five terrorists were killed in an attack in the Mir Ali region. The airstrike is the first in more than a week.

Hakeemullah alive, will release tape: Taliban commander

Hakeemullah-Mehsud-3-thumb.jpgA Taliban commander claims that Hakeemullah Mehsud convened the executive council and decided it was time to prove he was alive.

15 killed in attacks on police in northwestern Pakistan

The twin bombings mark the fourth major attack against security forces in Pakistan's violent northwestern border with Afghanistan. Twelve policemen were among those killed.

Taliban deny Hakeemullah is dead

Maulvi Noor Jamal, the Taliban commander reported to have replaced Hakeemullah, denied that the leader is dead and said he is not in charge. Pakistan's interior minister claims he has "credible" information that Hakeemullah is dead.

Suicide bomber kills 19 in Khyber

The bombing in Khyber is the first major Taliban strike in more than a week. Eleven tribal policemen were among those killed.

New rumors of the death of Pakistani Taliban leader emerge

Balawi-Hakeemullah-thumb2.JPGThe latest report, which contradicts the previous rumor, states that Hakeemullah Mehsud died in Multan on Feb. 9 from wounds suffered in a US Predator strike in mid-January. The top Taliban spokesman maintains that Hakeemullah is alive.

Pakistani military claims success in Bajaur

The Army, backed by tribal militias, is advancing on Taliban strongholds in the Mamond region.

Inside job suspected in suicide attack on US soldiers in Pakistan

The planning and execution of the suicide car bomb attack in Dir was "too perfect," according to US military and intelligence officials.

3 US soldiers among 9 killed in bombing in northwest Pakistan

The US soldiers were killed while traveling to attend the opening of a girls' school in Dir. The soldiers served as trainers to the Frontier Corps.

Predators pound terrorist camp in North Waziristan

Eighteen missiles were reported to have been fired from five unmanned strike aircraft. Seventeen terrorists are said to have been killed.

Reports of Pakistani Taliban leader's death are premature

Hakeemullah-Mehsud-new-thumb.jpgA Pakistani television channel claimed today that Hakeemullah Mehsud died days after a Jan. 14 strike and was buried recently in Arakzai. The Pakistani military and US intelligence will not confirm the report.