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Pakistan signals willingness to negotiate with the Taliban

The prime minister and interior minister both said talks would be considered but said the government would work through pro-Islamist political parties.

Al Qaeda's external operations chief thought killed in US strike in Pakistan

Saleh al Somali, a longtime operative of the terror group, is thought to have been killed in the Dec. 8 strike in Miramshah in North Waziristan. He directed al Qaeda's operations against targets in the West.

US strike kills 4 al Qaeda, 2 Taliban in South Waziristan

Today's strike is the first in South Waziristan since late September. The strike took place in an area where Baitullah Mehsud and Khalid Habib were killed in prior attacks.

2 Arab al Qaeda members killed in North Waziristan strike

The identity of the Saudi al Qaeda operatives is not known.

Suicide assault team strikes Pakistani Army building in Multan

A terror assault team struck a "sensitive agency" in the city in southern Punjab, killing 12 Pakistanis in the attack.

US airstrike kills 3 in North Waziristan

predator-uav.jpgThe strike in Pakistan is the first in two weeks. Al Qaeda and the Taliban have adapted to the US air campaign, US officials fear.

45 killed in dual suicide attack in Lahore

Lahore-Moon-Market-Bombing-thumb.jpgSuicide bombers detonated outside of a bank and a police station in a market in the eastern city.

Taliban commander among 20 killed in US airstrike in eastern Afghanistan

Taliban commander Noor Akbar was among those killed in a strike on a complex in the remote mountain regions of Kunar.

Suicide bomber kills 11 outside Peshawar courthouse

The attack is the latest in the Taliban's campaign against military, governmental, and tribal targets.

Taliban attack Pakistani Army in 'pro-government' region in South Waziristan

One Pakistani soldier was killed after a platoon of Taliban fighters attacked a checkpoint in Wana. The area is controlled by Mullah Nazir, who signed a peace agreement with the military.

Suicide bombers assault mosque in Rawalpindi, kill 40

Forty Pakistani worshippers were killed and 83 more were wounded when a suicide assault team opened fire in a mosque in the military garrison city. Two senior generals were killed in the attack.

Suicide bomber strikes outside Pakistani naval headquarters

One naval security guard was killed after the teenaged suicide bomber detonated at the guardpost outside the naval headquarters in the capital of Islamabad.

Suicide bomber kills Pakistani politician

A member of a secular Pashtun political party who served in the provincial assembly was killed as he greeted Eid well-wishers outside his home in Swat.

Pakistani military says Khyber operation successful

The commander of the Frontier Corps in Khyber said the Lashkar-e-Islam has been cleared from the Bara region.

Fighting intensifies in northwestern Taliban strongholds

Pakistan's paramilitary Frontier Corps are concentrating on Taliban strongholds in a region that borders the Arakzai, Kurram, and Khyber tribal agencies.

Pakistan captures wanted South Waziristan Taliban commander

Abdullah Shah Mehsud is one of 19 most-wanted Taliban commanders in the South Waziristan region. He was detained recently in Tank.

Taliban escape South Waziristan operation

Senior Taliban leaders have dodged the operation, and the bulk of the forces have regrouped in North Waziristan, Arakzai, Khyber, and Kurram.

Eastern Syria becoming a new al Qaeda haven

Al Qaeda is teaming up with Ba'athist elements, sparking fears that eastern Syrian will "begin to look like northwestern Pakistan."

Pakistani troops target extremists in Khyber

The Frontier Corps killed 18 members of the Lashkar-e-Islam in the Bara region in the latest attempt to relieve the pressure on Peshawar.

Tajik rebels join al Qaeda

Members of a rebel military unit have enlisted to fight with al Qaeda and the Islamic Movement of Uzbekistan, according to the Tajik National Security Committee.