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US Predators strike again along the Afghan-Pakistani border

Eight Haqqani Network fighters were reported killed in a strike on a convoy in Ghulam Khan in North Waziristan, Pakistan. The US carried out 117 strikes in Pakistan in 2010, more than doubling 2009's total of 53.

ISAF continues to target IMU leaders in the Afghan north

The US has targeted the al Qaeda-linked Islamic Movement of Uzbekistan during three raids over the past month. Despite suffering losses to its leadership cadre, the IMU continues to operate in the north in conjunction with the Taliban.

US Predators strike again in North Waziristan

The airstrikes killed 15 Taliban fighters in an area used for staging attacks into Afghanistan.

US Predators kill 25 'rebels' in pair of strikes in North Waziristan

The strikes are the first in 10 days, and the first in the Mir Ali area since the end of November.

Female suicide bomber kills 42 people in Pakistan's northwest

The suicide bomber targeted civilians as they waited to receive rations at a World Food Program distribution point in Bajaur.

Taliban assault Pakistani military checkpoints in Mohmand

Eleven Pakistani soldiers and 24 Taliban fighters were killed in heavy fighting after the Taliban assaulted five checkpoints in the tribal agency.

Pakistan detains top Haqqani Network leader

naisruddin_i_crop.jpgNasiruddin Haqqani was reportedly detained after returning from the hajj in Saudi Arabia, where he conducted fundraising for the Haqqani Network.

Jordanian al Qaeda operative killed in Afghanistan

Abu Kandahar al Zarqawi was an administrator at the jihadist Al Hesbah forum and an associate of Abu Dujanah al Khurasani, the suicide bomber who carried out the suicide attack against the CIA at Combat Outpost Chapman in Khost province.

Al Qaeda-linked Taliban leader reported killed in Khyber Predator strike

Ibn-Amin.JPGIbn Amin, the leader of the Tora Bora Brigade in Swat, was killed in one of three Predator strikes in Khyber on Dec. 17.

Taliban attack Afghan army bases in Kabul, Kunduz

The Taliban claimed the two attacks, which targeted army recruitment centers. Thirteen soldiers and policemen were killed in the assaults.

Taliban leader linked to Pakistan-based Lashkar-e-Islam captured in Afghan east

ISAF mentioned the Lashkar-e-Islam for the first time, just one day after US Predators pounded the group's strongholds across the border in Pakistan's Khyber agency.

US Predators launch 3 more strikes in Khyber, killing 54 'terrorists'

The last four strikes have taken place in Khyber, signaling a possible shift in targeting from North Waziristan, where attacks have been focused.

Analysis: 'Lady al Qaeda' in propaganda

aafia-siddiqui-thumb.jpgTop al Qaeda ideologue Abu Yahya al Libi has released a new tape imploring Muslims to wage jihad on behalf of Aafia Siddiqui. It is the second such tape released by al Qaeda in recent months.

US Predators kill 7 Taliban fighters in Khyber

predator-uav.jpgThe strike in Khyber is just the second in the vital tribal agency this year.

AQAP operative Fahd al Quso denies reports of his death

quso.jpgQuso granted an interview with a Saudi newspaper from his mountain stronghold in Yemen's Shabwa province.

Jundallah claims suicide attack at Iranian mosque

The suicide attack today killed 41 people. Jundallah claimed that the suicide bombers targeted Iran's Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps.

ISAF targets Taliban's shadow government in Nangarhar

Special operations forces captured the shadow governor of Sherzad, a Taliban and al Qaeda haven in the Afghan east.

US Predators kill 4 'rebels' in North Waziristan strike

The attack took place in an area under the control of the Haqqani Network.

Yemeni al Qaeda operative killed along Afghan-Pakistani border

Abu Abdulrahman al Qahtani was a veteran jihadist and propagandist who was close to the suicide bomber who killed seven CIA officials in a suicide attack in Khost, Afghanistan, late last year.

US Predators strike al Qaeda stronghold in North Waziristan

The strike is the second this month; both strikes have hit targets in Datta Khel, a haven for al Qaeda's leadership cadre.