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'US to rely on NDN in case Pakistan doesn't resume NATO routes'

Pakistan - FC denies peace talks with Mangal Bagh

Afghanistan presses for answers on long-term US military bases

Pakistan - PCNS agrees to link NATO supply to end of drone strikes

Al-Qaeda 'plotting another 9/11' from Afghanistan

Pakistan addicted to using militants against India: Pentagon

Ransom payments and terror: how freeing hostages helped a Taliban leader who threatens the UK

On Run, Bin Laden Had 4 Children and 5 Houses, a Wife Says

Pakistan - Govt fails to implement reforms in FATA, FCR laws

Pakistan parliament debate on US sputters to halt

Pakistan - Supreme Court directs NAB to hold fair probe into NATO containers scandal

Pakistan - Lal Masjid cleric wants enforcement of Shariah

'Af-Pak is Al-Qaeda's top launch point for attacks': Pentagon

Af-Pak tribal badlands nursery of world terror

Pakistan - In post-insurgency Swat, women forced to wear the pants in the family

Forced Religious Conversions Hike Pakistan Minorities' Fears

Obama concedes strains between US, Pakistan

Pakistan - Afghan Taliban say US must rebuild trust for talks

France launches hunt for Islamic extremists after attacks

US and Pakistan bargain over CIA drones