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Afghanistan to Seek Islamic Countries' Support for Peace Talks

Panetta: Pakistan military plans to open new front

Insight: Mimicking al Qaeda, militant threat grows in Sinai

Exclusive: Afghan officials met key Taliban figure in Pakistan

Operation in North Waziristan

Pakistan - US must seal Afghan border for NWA push: Pak official

Taliban Attacks Rise During Ramadan: Sediqi

Pakistan confirms talks with Afghanistan on Taliban releases

Pakistan - Islamic financing facility: Standard Chartered steps up for PIA

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Afghanistan - Pakistani Insurgents Trying to Infiltrate Northern Borders

Pakistan swelling nuclear arsenal to counter India, says US Congressional report

TTP threaten Imran Khan over Waziristan march

Pakistan - 20 NATO containers cross Chaman border

'Sticky bombs,' like those used in Iraq, now appearing in Afghanistan

Afghan reconciliation: Pakistan may release 'former chief of Quetta Shura'

Exclusive: US sweetens Taliban prisoner proposal in bid to revive peace talks

Is terror not far away from Swat Valley in Pakistan? Taliban consolidating to recapture Swat

Afghanistan - Pak Army officers accused of aiding Nuristan rebels

Afghan Commerce Minister Wary of Antagonizing Pakistan