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The Afghanistan protocol: Explosive leaks provide image of war from those fighting it

Mullen stresses commitment to Afghanistan, Pakistan

"Mullah Radio" out of grave, releases video threatening suicide attacks in Pakistan

A general stays on, solidifying the army's power in Pakistan

India, Iran distrustful of renewed Afghan-Pakistan ties

Pakistan - The Kayani era continues

Deadly terror group expands area of operations, Mullen says

Afghanistan - Minority leaders leaving Karzai's side over leader's overtures to insurgents

Indian concerns over Pak-US ties misplaced: Holbrooke

Militants looking to trigger Indo-Pak conflict: Mullen

US worries about repeat of Mumbai attacks: Mullen

US admits ISI-Taliban links, assures India role in Afghanistan not diminished

'Most wanted™ militant killed in Indian-Administered Kashmir

Pakistan denies presence of Bin Laden, Mullah Omar

Pakistan, Nato to strengthen political framework

Pak knows where Osama is: Hillary

Tension ramped up a notch in Pakistan

Key Pakistani counterterrorism official resigns

Clinton: 'Principal terrorist threat to US emanates from Pakistan'

Pakistan™s elite pay few taxes, widening gap