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US uses attacks to nudge Taliban toward a deal

Pakistan flood crisis blamed partly on deforestation by 'timber mafia,' Taliban

What Pakistan wants: US aid

Gilani's remarks disrespect for Afghan sovereignty: Pakistani nationalists

Delhi on terror alert for Commonwealth Games closing ceremony

Pakistan must bring rich into tax net, says Hillary

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US backs Taliban talks

Linda Norgrove: US navy Seal faces disciplinary action over grenade death

Taliban border haven in US sights

Turkey to fully support Pakistan in rehabilitation

Al-Qaida group to Yemeni president: 'Run for your life'

Pakistan says it is key to Taliban peace talks

Terrorism remains major challenge - Australian FM

Reports of secret talks exaggerated, Holbrooke says

Pakistan aid workers in row with US over Stars and Stripes 'logo'

Hamburg-based Islamists targeted in US drone attack

Germany steps up terrorism probes

Mission to stop nuclear terrorism