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'White Widow' Lewthwaite 'Key' In Al Shabaab

Fazlur Rahman arrives in Kabul, meets Karzai

Malala, survivor of Taliban, resented in Pakistan hometown

Pakistan - Hide collection, a lucrative business

Malala wins EU's Sakharov human rights prize

Pakistanis of all faiths protect churches with human chains

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Hard-Line Islamic Clerics Urge Pakistan Government, Taliban To Talk

Afghan MoFA Unable to Contact Baradar Due to "Time Crunch"

Steeped in ancient mysticism, passion of Sufis infuriates Taliban

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Pakistani Cleric Claims Taliban Will Regain Power, Kabul Responds

Freedom of Mullah Baradar by Pakistan key for Afghan peace

Pakistan - KP announces military pullout from Malakand

Taliban releases 'pointless' for Afghan peace: Afghan officials

In Afghanistan drawdown, US forced to take costly option in transporting military gear out

US seeks to move more gear out of Afghanistan via Pakistan - News

Pakistan to Send Baradar to Saudi or Turkey for Peace Talks

Taliban bombers hit Afghanistan Wardak intelligence HQ

Pakistan's 'disappearing' Balochs: "I live in constant fear"