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The Taliban bombed two schools and a medical clinic in Peshawar and Dera Ismail Khan. Of the 384 prisoners who escaped from a prison in Bannu, 143 have either returned or been arrested.

ISAF targets IMU commander linked to Kabul suicide plots

Coalition and Afghan forces have conducted seven raids against the al Qaeda-linked Islamic Movement of Uzbekistan this month.

Nato Summit Requires Clarity from Karzai: Afghan Senators

Brennan on bin Laden raid, and "dangerous" Yemen

Pakistan - Intelligence leads: 'TTP chief convenes meeting to plan revenge attacks'

Afghan plot foiled, 11 tons of explosives seized

Afghanistan militants 'planning huge' attack held in Kabul

'Afghanistan security fund': Muslim funding for Kabul security?

Pakistan - Jamaat-e-Islami protests proposed restoration of NATO supply

Pakistan - Media bodies condemn murder of journalist

Pakistan calls for access to nuclear technology

Deposed Maldives president says coup has fueled radical Islam

Pakistani women's lives destroyed by acid attacks

2 Uighur Gitmo detainees transferred to El Salvador

Ahmed-Mohamed.jpg One of the Uighur detainees transferred to El Salvador was deemed a "high" risk by US officials because of his alleged ties to senior al Qaeda operatives.

Escaped Pakistani terrorist seen on Taliban video

Taliban release photos, videos of Kabul suicide teams

Afghan and US officials have accused the Haqqani Network of executing the April 15 assaults in Kabul and the provincial capitals of Paktia, Logar, and Nangarhar.

CIA seeks new authority to expand Yemen drone campaign

Haqqani Network behind Afghan attacks: US envoy

Reprehensible that Pakistan's ISI maintains ties with Haqqani network: Senator John McCain

Pakistan doesn't support terrorists...