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Abu Yahya al Libi killed in latest drone strike, US officials say

US officials have confirmed that al Libi was killed in yesterday's drone strike in Mir Ali. Al Qaeda has not confirmed his death.

US apology needed to open NATO supply routes: Khar

US terminates funding for Pakistani Sesame Street

Top al Qaeda strategist may have been killed in Pakistan

US drones killed fifteen "militants" in a strike in Mir Ali. Abu Yahya al Libi, al Qaeda's second in command, is rumored to have been killed in the strike, but the report is unconfirmed.

Abu Yahya al Libi rumored killed in Mir Ali drone strike

Pakistan condemns US drone strikes

US drones kill 15 in North Waziristan strike

The strike in Mir Ali is the third in Pakistan in three days, and the eighth in the two weeks since the US failed to get Pakistan to reopen the supply lines for NATO forces in Afghanistan.

Radio in FATA: A foreign voice for local problems

NATO supply routes: Pakistan, US to push for a deal this week

China steps up Afghan role as Western pullout nears

Latest US drone strike kills 10 'militants' in South Waziristan

The drones targeted a group of Taliban and "foreigners" who gathered to note the death of one of Mullah Nazir's commanders, who was killed in yesterday's drone strike.

US drones kill 'good Taliban' commander in South Wazirstan

Rahmanullah, "a key commander" for Mullah Nazir, was reported killed in today's strike. Nazir considers himself an al Qaeda leader.

Pakistan defence budget goes up by 10 per cent

US troops repel suicide assault on base in eastern Afghanistan

"Some insurgents were able to get inside the perimeter" of Forward Operating Base Salerno, "but they were neutralized," a US military spokesman told LWJ.

US Liaisons Restored To Outpost In Pakistan

The Lashkar-e-Islam denied having links with the doctor who was imprisoned for aiding Osama bin Laden. The military denied reports that US trainers have re-entered Pakistan, and said it successfully tested Hatf-VIII, a "stealth" air-launched cruise missile.

IMU eulogizes military commander, media operative

mansoor-abbos.jpgCommander Abbos Mansoor was named the military emir of the Islamic Movement of Uzbekistan just days before he was killed in a drone strike, while Abdul Aziz served as a combat cameraman and producer for Jundallah Studio.

Afghanistan - Rebel sympathisers exist in Zabul civil depts: police

Pakistani Taliban vows to kill bin Laden doctor