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Pakistan - Despite international ban, JuD asks for Ramazan donations online

Pakistan - KP governor orders arrest of female aid worker's killers

Pakistan - '48% Pak students in UK not genuine'

World silence on Pak incursions questioned

The Taliban killed nine people in a bombing at a market in Bajaur. Three people were killed in a bombing at a Lashkar-e-Islam headquarters in Khyber. Pakistan temporarily shut down NATO's supply route to Afghanistan.

Tehreek-e-Taliban Pakistan threaten Myanmar over Rohingya

Pakistan suspends NATO supply route over security

In Pakistan, stalled military operation means refugees can't go home

NATO slams cross-border shelling

Pakistan to sue The Sun over Olympics visa allegations

Revealed: Dr Afridi sought asylum in US, says investigators

NATO supply trucks surge at Pakistan border

Pakistan - Non-starter: Panel to oversee peace talks with Taliban dismantled

Pakistan: Let us hit drone targets

Special operations forces target al Qaeda-linked leader in Nuristan

Kanjar, an insurgent leader affiliated with both the Taliban and al Qaeda, was killed during a raid in the Waygal district.

Pakistan - Racking up the bill: Thousands of NATO containers stranded

Collateral damage from drones strikes has lessened: US Senator Feinstein

UK tabloid sets off another sporting controversy

Pakistan shamed by visa scandal

NATO unaware of attacks into Kunar