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Pakistan - 'Islamic banking growth is impressive'

Security forces detained five Taliban fighters who were planning sectarian attacks in Multan and three "terrorists" in Lakki Marwat. Pakistan has reopened the Khyber crossing to NATO supplies.

IMU announces death of emir, names new leader

usman_adil.jpgThe al Qaeda-linked Islamic Movement of Uzbekistan has announced the death of its emir, Abu Usman Adil, in a drone strike in Pakistan in April, and named Usman Ghazi to replace him. Adil was responsible for ramping up the IMU's activities in Afghanistan.

Afghan lawmakers vote to dismiss security ministers

In Afghanistan, US Packs War Gear for the Movers

Pakistan to launch another Potemkin offensive in North Waziristan

Pakistan's extremists whip up frenzy over Burma's Muslims

Pakistan gets $1.1 bn CSF money from US

50 US troops must be 'blown to smithereens' for America to take Haqqani Network, Pakistan seriously

Theocracy planned on Afghan-Tajik border

Pakistan - Nurses 'poisoning': Christians call for inquiry

Taliban cheers reopening of NATO supply line

Pakistan and US sign troop supply deal

US and Pakistan sign NATO Afghan convoy deal

Pakistan, US ink MoU on NATO supplies

Afghanistan's Neighbours Seek to Disrupt Development Projects, APPF Chief Says

Kunar Rocket Attacks are Attempt to get Afghanistan to Recognise Durand Line

Haqqani Network Threatens US-Pakistani Ties

Pakistan - NATO supply remains suspended

Pakistan to push for intel share at US talks