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Taliban team in Qatar for negotiations with US

US forces say no to rapprochement with Haqqanis

Pakistan - Terrorism threat: Security tightened at airport

Waziristan operation: Tribesmen threaten influx into Afghanistan

Pakistan - Terrorism an American concept, says Fazl

Badruddin Haqqani 'is alive and healthy,' Taliban spokesman says

Badruddin-Haqqani.jpgZabihullah Mujahid denied reports that claimed Badruddin was killed in a drone strike, and said he "is in the country and he is occupied with his operational responsibilities." Afghan intelligence claims he is dead.

Badruddin Haqqani, a senior Haqqani Network leader, and Emeti Yakuf, the emir of the Turkistan Islamic Party, are thought to have been killed in drone strikes. Security forces killed 28 Taliban fighters in Bajaur and detained a commander in Nowshera. Nine civilians were killed in a mortar attack in Khyber.

Pakistan - NWA residents start fleeing over likely operation

Pakistan - Christian girl held on blasphemy cannot read: Vatican

Lawmakers Urge Karzai to Address Apparent Rise in Insecurity

Quetta Taliban is Never Targeted: Afghan Expert

Ragtag Revolts in Parts of Afghanistan Repel Taliban

Taliban attempts to kidnap family of jailed CIA informant in Pakistan

Badruddin Haqqani rumored killed in US drone strike

The senior Haqqani Network commander is thought to have been killed in one of five drone strikes this week. His death has not been confirmed.

Badruddin Haqqani Believed Dead in Pakistan Drone Strike

Pakistan - Our Osama policy under scrutiny

Pakistan - Malik for mechanism to check use of cell phones for terrorism

Pakistan - Prayer leader accuses Christian girl of 'conspiracy'

ISAF targets al Qaeda-linked Taliban commander in Ghazni

Al Shabaab recruits Somali students in Pakistan