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Five Pakistani soldiers and 20 Taliban fighters were killed during clashes in Arakzai. NATO helicopters reportedly killed two Pakistanis along the Afghan border. Pakistani and Afghan forces traded artillery and rocket fire in Kunar province in Afghanistan.

Pakistan will launch operation against the Taliban, Panetta claims

Armed uprising against Taliban forces insurgents from 50 Afghan villages

No decision on Taliban inmates' transfer: US

Afghanistan to Seek Islamic Countries' Support for Peace Talks

Panetta: Pakistan military plans to open new front

Omani jihadist participated in Haqqani Network raid on FOB Salerno

Ayman-bin-Saeed-2.jpgThe Haqqani Network suicide assault on a major US base in Khost was promoted by the Taliban on their propaganda website.

ISAF captures 'senior IMU leader' in Kunduz

Insight: Mimicking al Qaeda, militant threat grows in Sinai

The Taliban killed three soldiers in an IED attack in North Waziristan. Two members of an anti-Taliban militia were killed in Khyber. Security forces killed 10 Taliban fighters in Mohmand.

Toulouse shooter's al Qaeda ties played down by officials

Merah.jpgNewly released intelligence files on Mohamed Merah indicate he had been identified as a dangerous Islamist for well over a year before he killed seven people. And an audiotape suggests he trained for jihad in Pakistan and was working for al Qaeda in France.

Afghan intelligence thwarts complex assault plot in Kabul; Pakistani suspect, 4 others arrested

August 1 Xinhua.jpg NDS officials arrested a heavily armed Haqqani Network cell in Kabul that was planning to attack the Afghan Parliament, the Afghan Presidential Palace, and the Afghan Second-Vice President. It is the second such raid in Kabul since August 1.

Exclusive: Afghan officials met key Taliban figure in Pakistan

Operation in North Waziristan

Pakistan - US must seal Afghan border for NWA push: Pak official

Taliban Attacks Rise During Ramadan: Sediqi

Pakistan confirms talks with Afghanistan on Taliban releases

Pakistan - Islamic financing facility: Standard Chartered steps up for PIA

Two soldiers and nine Taliban fighters were killed during a clash in Dir. The Taliban killed a special forces soldier and bombed a girls' school in Mohmand. Security forces detained a top aide to Swat Taliban Mullah Fazlullah during a raid in Nowshera, and three "terrorists" in Quetta.

Pakistan - Persecution forces 60 Hindu families to migrate to India