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Pakistan - Mentally challenged child jailed for 'blasphemy'

Pakistan - 'Air base attackers trained in Waziristan'

Iranian Currency Flows Into Afghanistan Markets

Why Afghanistan's past is being 'rewritten'

US drones kill 6 'militants' in Pakistan's Shawal Valley

predator-uav.jpgThe Shawal Valley has been the focus of recent drone strikes in Pakistan. The strikes in Pakistan have been on the decline the past three months; the US has launched only eight since June 4.

Six security personnel were killed in an IED attack in Quetta. One person was killed in a bombing in Karachi. Security forces detained 10 Taliban fighters thought to be involved in the attack on Kamra Air Force Base.

Afghanistan, Pakistani Governments Hide Meeting with Mullah Bradar

Pakistan - Peshawar High Court seeks report on FATA drone losses

Six Taliban fighters were killed in a suicide assault on the Kamra Air Force Base in Punjab; one Pakistani soldier was also killed. "Gunmen" dragged 20 Shiites off a bus in Giglit and executed them.

Experts: Operation Against Pakistani Taliban Will Create More Problems

Pakistan reiterates nuclear assets are safe

Who is Ansar Dine?

Taliban attack on airbase raises questions about security of Pakistan's nuclear weapons

Al Qaeda in Spain: Alive, Well and Making Trouble

ISAF kills senior IMU leader, 'multiple insurgents' in airstrike

Mullah Anwar served as the IMU's leader in the Burkah district in Afghanistan's Baghlan province, and was responsible for the assassination of a district governor and a member of the Afghan High Peace Council in Takhar.

Settling scores: Taliban on a killing spree in Karachi

Suicide assault team attacks Pakistani airbase in Punjab

Six Taliban fighters and two Pakistanis were killed during the fighting at an airbase that is thought to be related to Pakistan's nuclear weapons program. The Taliban claimed credit for the attack.

Al Qaeda's richest faction dominant in north Mali: US

Five Pakistani soldiers and 20 Taliban fighters were killed during clashes in Arakzai. NATO helicopters reportedly killed two Pakistanis along the Afghan border. Pakistani and Afghan forces traded artillery and rocket fire in Kunar province in Afghanistan.

Pakistan will launch operation against the Taliban, Panetta claims