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Al Qaeda weighs in on the Malala shooting

Pakistanis divided on army offensive after attack

The Taliban denied government claims that Qari Saeed, its emir for Arakzai, was captured in Nowshera. Police arrested the emir of the Sindh branch of the Lashkar-e-Jhangvi; he has been arrested in the past.

In Pakistan's Swat Valley, a girls' school is gripped by fear

Govt Indifference Pains Father of Ghazni Kids Shot by Taliban

Taliban threat worries Pakistan media

Jund al Khilafah emir killed in 'treacherous raid'

Moez.jpgMoezeddine Garsallaoui, a Swiss citizen, led the al Qaeda-linked group, and trained Mohamed Merah, the Toulouse shooter who killed seven people. He appears to have been killed in a drone strike.

US pushes Afghans as security deteriorates

Pakistan - Intelligence agencies warn of suicide bombers

Pakistan - Operation in North Waziristan: PML-N fails govt move to get parliament's approval

The Taliban killed a Superintendent of Police and six policemen and Frontier Constabulary personnel in Peshawar. Interior Minister Malik said an operation in North Waziristan is not being planned.

Germany Faces Logistical and Political Trouble in Afghanistan Drawdown

Pakistan - Christians asked to leave army camp in Khyber

'North Waziristan operation not on the cards'

A quiet waiver for Pakistan from the Obama administration

Turkish jihadists eulogize slain German al Qaeda leader

Islamic World, a Turkish jihadist magazine, said that Bekkay Harrach fought against Israeli soldiers in the West Bank, traveled to Iraq, where he was wounded, and was detained by Syrian security forces. Harrach also lived with Atiyah Abd al Rahman in Pakistan.

Pakistani schoolgirl shot by Taliban sent to UK for treatment

Attack on Schoolgirl in Pakistan Sparks Fears of Resurgent Taliban

17 killed in bombing that targeted anti-Taliban militia in northwestern Pakistan

Al Qaeda leader Zawahiri calls for more anti-Islam film protests