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Tracking America's drone war

Kabul slams Grossman's remarks on Durand Line

Afghan MPs Criticise Zardari 'Delay' of Insurgent Raid

The military claimed seven Taliban fighters were killed during airstrikes in Arakzai. Pakistan's foreign minister asked Afghanistan to turn over Swat Taliban leader Mullah Fazlullah.

Analysis: Waziristan finally off US agenda?

Pakistan helping terrorists enter India, claims Indian home minister

War Against Terrorism 'Unwinnable' Unless Pakistan Fights: Afghan Ministry of Interior

Al-Qaida in Afghanistan is attempting a comeback

Afghanistan feels pressure in hunt for Swat Taliban chief

Pakistan - Religious intolerance: Second church attacked in Karachi in 10 days

Pakistan - JUI-F warns against parliamentary resolution on North Waziristan operation

Documents Back Up Claims of Requests for Greater Security in Benghazi

Malala shooting shows challenge to girls education

The Corner Where Afghanistan, Iran and Pakistan Meet

2 Zarqawi cousins detained in Jordan after fighting in Syria

Abu Musab al Zarqawi's family members and aides continue to fight in the theaters of jihad six years after his death.

Attacker of Pakistani schoolgirl was held, freed in 2009: sources

US adds IMU financier, Taliban IED experts to terror list

Qari Ayyub Bashir is the Islamic Movement of Uzbekistan's top financier; Maulawi Adam Khan Achekzai is a senior Taliban IED expert and leader; and Aamir Ali Chaudhry is an electronics and explosives expert for the Movement of the Taliban in Pakistan who was involved in the Times Square plot.

Pakistan opposition thwarts anti-terror move

Pakistan - Christians protest against church burning

Foreign investment in Pakistan down by 67%