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Taliban have taken decision regarding PTI Waziristan rally: Report

Investors Shying Away From Afghan Mines

Setback for Pakistani teen facing blasphemy charges

Former Pakistani legislator offers second bounty on anti-Islam film maker

Pakistan Taliban offers Imran Khan protection

US drones kill 3 'rebels' in Mir Ali strike

The strike took place in the same village where al Qaeda leaders Abu Kasha al Iraqi and Fateh al Turki are rumored to have been killed on Sept. 24.

At UN, Muslim world questions Western freedom of speech

ISAF targets another 'al Qaeda-associated Taliban leader' in Kunar

Since the end of May, special operations forces have conducted at least 21 raids against al Qaeda's network in Afghanistan.

Pakistan paving ground for water war: analysts

Pakistan rejects media reports about 'clearing airspace for US drone strikes'

US Unease Over Legal Basis for Drone Strikes

Pakistan's nuclear programme fully secured: Khar

Pakistan Military Warn East Afghanistan Residents to Leave Homes

Wives of German Salafists Pursue Road to 'Paradise'

Pakistani al Qaeda 'facilitator' killed in Kunar airstrike

Abdul Rauf and two other "insurgents" were killed in an airstrike in in the Marawarah district on Sept. 23. Rauf moved "foreign fighters" and built IEDs.

Muslim world demands int'l action to stop religious insults

The Taliban killed two Pakistani soldiers and wounded 14 more in an IED attack in North Waziristan. The Taliban removed Railways Minister Ghulam Ahmad Bilour from its "hit list" after he placed a bounty out for a film maker.

Pakistan is developing non-strategic nuclear arms: US experts

Pakistan not to welcome any UN group in future

2 al Qaeda leaders reported killed in Mir Ali drone strike

Abu Kasha al Iraqi and Fateh al Turki are rumored to have been killed in the Sept. 24 strike in Mir Ali. The report has not been confirmed.