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Pakistan - Crossing the border: NATO oil supply expected to resume by month's end

Afghan Taliban commander gunned down in Quetta

Pakistan - Most of Taliban income comes from illicit drug trade: Malik

Anti-Taliban militia stands guard in Pakistan's Swat Valley

Two Frontier Corps troops were killed in an IED attack in Quetta. Security forces detained four Lashkar-e-Jhangvi operatives in Karachi.

Pakistani officials consider options for filtering YouTube

UN Sanctions Unlikely To End Haqqani Safe Haven In Pakistan

'Mumbai case suspects trained at LeT camps'

Pakistan - Many KP schools shut as teachers unavailable

Pakistan details how Lashkar-e-Taiba 2008 Mumbai attack gunmen were trained

Afghan reconciliation: Kabul's top negotiator seeks release of Taliban prisoners

Pakistan urges all Afghan insurgents to pursue peace: Ambassador

Nephew of Baitullah Mehsud killed in Bannu shootout

Shadow of the Taliban still haunts Swat Valley

No breakthrough in Taliban talks expected before 2014: Afghanistan

The Taliban killed a soldier and wounded another during an attack on an outpost in South Waziristan. The "Mujahideen-e-Waziristan" warned tribals in Wana not to join the Levies. Five people were killed in violence in Karachi.

Pakistan terror toll fails to stir offensive

Militants have infiltrated police ranks: Afghan Ministry of Interior

North Waziristan operation is Pakistan's internal matter: Olson

A Taliban suicide bomber killed three people in an attack on the Rangers headquarters in Karachi. Nine more people were killed in violence in Karachi.