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US drone strategy in Yemen is fraught with peril

Taliban suicide bomber attacks US base in Khost

An Afghan policeman and two civilians were killed in a blast outside of Forward Operating Base Chapman, which is known to host CIA operations.

Unidentified gunmen shot and wounded Auranzeb Farooqi, a prominent Sunni cleric and leader of the Ahle Sunnat-Wal-Jamaat party, in Karachi. Pakistani militants shot dead two Afghan policemen who were traveling to Quetta via Chaman. The policemen were accompanying a sick female companion to a medical facility in Quetta when they were abducted and murdered; the female was reportedly released.

Mullah Nazir banned cellphones with cameras and memory cards in Wana in South Waziristan. Following the assassination of ANP leader Bashir Bilour, the party is pushing for an operation to clear North Waziristan of insurgents.

Pakistan - VIEW : Abysmal state of democracy in FATA

Pakistan's army chief makes Afghan peace "top priority"

Pakistan - Mob burns alive blasphemy accused in Dadu

Pakistan - Taliban silence another critic

Taliban suicide bomber kills Pakistani provincial minister

Bashir Ahmed Bilour, the Minister for Local Government and Rural Development of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province, was killed along with eight other people in today's attack in Peshawar.

Pakistani Taliban commander killed in bombing in Wana

Maulvi Abbas Wazir, a commander in the Movement of the Taliban in Pakistan in the Wana area, was killed in a blast at his office yesterday. The attack is thought to be linked to an assassination attempt against Mullah Nazir late last month.

Cold Christmas awaits Pakistan's Christians

Afghan Factions Hold Informal Talks Near Paris

'Foreigners' reported killed in US drone strike in Pakistan

predator-uav.jpgThe unmanned Predators or Reapers destroyed a compound in the Mir Ali area, which is known to host top al Qaeda and other jihadist leaders and operatives.

Ex-Afghan Spy Chief Opposes Paris Conference on Afghanistan

Taliban Could Overrun Nuristan: Locals

Afghan Forces Not Ready for Post-2014 Threats: Afghan Foreign Minister

'Zero Dark Thirty' waterboarding depictions not accurate, senators say

Polio workers speak out on Pakistan attacks

Taliban target polio vaccination program in Pakistan

"Gunmen" killed four medical personnel who were dispensing polio vaccinces in Karachi, and another in Peshawar. Ten people were wounded in a grenade attack outside an army recruiting center in Risalpur.