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Pakistan test fires nuclear-capable ballistic missile

After 22 months in Af-Pak hot seat, Grossman to 'return to private life'

Pakistan offers high bounty for Taliban spokesman

Ihsanullah_Ihsan.jpgThe $2 million reward for Ihsanullah Ihsan is more than three times higher than that of the group's emir, Hakeemullah Mehsud, Waliur Rehman Mehsud, and other top Taliban leaders.

Pakistan ranked 'most dangerous place for journalists' second year running

The chequered tale of the Taliban 'boy commander'

Mystery shrouds 'rusted missiles of Afghan era' recovered from Jalozai Camp

Pakistan - Militant attack: Blast destroys shrine of 11th century saint

Pakistan - Muharram security breach: Blast targets mourners in D I Khan; 10 killed

Notes from Afghanistan

White House Presses for Drone Rule Book

Shias in Pakistan receive death threat text messages

Islamic revolution will soon be future of Pakistan: JI

Taliban, tribal leaders work together in North Waziristan

Hamid Karzai: Our Man in Kabul?

Pakistan holds key to success in Afghanistan: US

Pakistan - JI stages rally against Israeli attacks on Gaza

Pakistan - Country 'muted' to fight terror

Pakistani Taliban threaten to avenge Kasab's execution

India asks Pakistan to increase security at embassy in Islamabad

Taliban claim attacks against Shia worshipers in Pakistan