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2 al Qaeda operatives killed in latest drone strike in South Waziristan

predator-uav.jpgThe strike reportedly killed Sheikh Abu Waqas, a Yemeni explosives expert; Abu Majid al Iraqi; and four Uzbeks.

Giving up: Der Spiegel is pulling out its only correspondent from Pakistan

Pakistani Militant, Price on Head, Lives in Open

US drones strike in remote area of North Waziristan

Five people are reported to have been killed in the attack. The drone strike is the first to have been recorded in Pakistan in nearly four weeks.

Taliban group dismiss tripartite summit outcome on Afghanistan

Afghanistan As It Once Was

Prominent al Qaeda leader killed in drone strike in 2012

Abd el Kader Mahmoud Mohamed el Sayed was a close advisor to al Qaeda emir Ayman al Zawahiri and served as a military commander in Afghanistan before he was killed. El Sayed was involved in the Luxor massacre and, while living in Milan, was recorded by Italian intelligence discussing terror plots against the West.

Pakistan's Islamist Militia Ansar Ul-Islam And Its Fight For Influence

Taliban, IMU form Ansar al Aseer to free jihadist prisoners

The video featured Adnan Rasheed, a dangerous Pakistani jihadist who was freed in a jailbreak last year; Yassin Chouka, a wanted German commander in the Islamic Movement of Uzbekistan; and Abdul Hakeem, a previously unknown Russian IMU member.

Pakistan ends blockage for 3,700 Afghan containers

Top Afghan commander: If UK leaves Afghanistan, Taliban will return to launch global jihad

Pakistan to build amusement park in Osama bin Laden town

Thirteen security personnel, 12 Taliban fighters, and 10 civilians were killed after the Taliban launched an assault on a checkpoint in Lakki Marwat. The Taliban killed two more soldiers in an IED attack in Arakzai.

Pakistan Fines Afghan Traders $50m for Stalled Containers

Pakistani military calls HRW report 'a pack of lies,' and 'fabricated'

Taliban suicide assault team hits Pakistani military camp

Thirteen Pakistani military personnel, 11 civilians, and 12 Taliban fighters are reported to have been killed. The Taliban said the attack was carried out to avenge the deaths of two senior commanders killed in recent US drone strikes.

A suicide bomber killed 22 civilians in an attack outside of two mosques in Hangu. Six Pakistanis were killed after mortars fired from Afghanistan struck in South Waziristan.

As NATO Prepares for Afghan Withdrawal, Uzbekistan Seeks War's Leftovers

Suicide bomber kills 22 in attack near Pakistani mosques

'Admitting you are a secularist can get you killed in Pakistan'