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Security forces killed 11 Taliban fighters in operations in Arakzai and Khyber. Eleven Taliban and Ansarul Islam fighters were killed in clashes in Khyber's Tirah Valley. The US said Pakistan may face sanctions if it completes a gas pipeline with Iran.

Amid Pakistan sectarian violence, Sunnis saved Shiites

Women pedal for 'girl power' in Pakistan

India PM Tells Pakistan to Control Terror

Five Taliban fighters and one security official were killed in fighting in Arakzai. The Taliban released a video of a university chancellor who was kidnapped in Peshawar two years ago. Pakistan will build a gas line to Iran despite US objections.

Security woes: Military chiefs raise red flag over Karachi unrest

Pakistani American indicted for supporting al Qaeda suicide bomber

Reaz Qadir Khan was arrested two days ago by the FBI and charged with providing material support for an al Qaeda suicide bomber who participated in a suicide assault in Lahore, Pakistan in May 2009.

A UN Human Rights Council report said a "sense of impunity" surrounds the hundreds, if not thousands, of forced disappearances in Pakistan which, according to the report, became widespread after 9/11. Although the cases typically involved a person's arrest by law enforcement authorities working in conjunction with intelligence agencies, the UN Working Group "was unable to obtain information on any conviction of State agents in relation to acts of enforced disappearance."

Pakistan - PML-N urged to sever ties with terrorist groups

Pakistani al Qaeda 'company' commander praises Mumbai attacker

Asmatullah Muawiya said that the executions of Ajmal Kasab and Afzal Guru will fuel a new round of attacks on India, and that Kashmir will become a focal point for jihadists after the US abandons Afghanistan.

Journalism in Pakistani tribal areas: a shadow of death

Afghan Peace Process and Minorities' Concerns

Inside Pakistan's only ski school

Pakistani Taliban execute, behead soldiers in South Waziristan

The deaths of the six soldiers had not been reported. Taliban emir Hakeemullah Mehsud also threatened to attack the US and Britain.

War-weariness?: Taliban may launch political party

Helmand's Remarkable Security Gains Remain Fragile

Pakistani clerics endorse suicide bombings, reject proposed peace conference

tahir-ashrafi.jpgThe chairman of Pakistan's Ulema Council said suicide bombings should continue in "occupied" Muslim areas that do not have the atomic bomb. His rhetoric is identical to that of the Movement of the Taliban in Pakistan.

Pakistani Taliban threaten mobile phone sellers in Peshawar

The military killed eight "militants" in airstrikes in Arakzai. "Gunmen" killed a journalist in North Waziristan. The Taliban bombed four schools in Mohmand.

US military may take over part of CIA drone war