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Suicide bomber kills more than 40 Pakistanis in latest attack at Pakistani mosques

The suicide bomber struck as the mosque was packed with worshipers attending Friday prayers. The Taliban also killed seven policemen in a complex ambush in Mardan.

US should not force help on Pakistan's army: military official

Waziristan simmers

Taliban stir rising anger of Pakistanis

Officials: Bin Laden running out of space to hide

Pakistan targets leaders behind the Malakand Accord

Three senior TNSM leaders have been detained, while it is rumored that Sufi Mohammed and two of his sons were also detained.

Tide in Swat decisively changed against terrorists: Kayani

US firm on implicating LeT founder in 26/11 carnage

The military said 10 Taliban fighters and one soldier were killed in Swat and Buner. Sufi Mohammed and other TNSM leaders were reportedly arrested in Dir. A senior Taliban leader in Charsadda was detained. The Taliban killed six policemen and a paramilitary trooper in Mardan, released the remaining 48 hostages in North Waziristan, and bombed a school in Peshawar.

Al Qaeda operatives targeting Pakistani leaders

After a meeting held recently in Afghanistan's Paktia province, Al Qaeda has transferred seven operatives from the Iraq theater to target senior Pakistani leaders.

Taliban release Pakistan staff, students: official

US envoy urges more aid for Swat

Fifty of the kidnapped cadets in North Waziristan are still missing. The military said the Swat offensive may continue for months and claimed 20 Taliban hideouts in Haripur were destroyed. The government claimed the second and third tier leadership of the Swat Taliban has been eliminated.

Pakistanis aim to kill leaders of Taliban in Swat

Inside the military™s secret terror-tagging tech

Pakistan: US seeks sustained military effort in FATA

Pakistan: 81 Razmak students, teachers rescued, 37 still missing

Pakistan engineered Saeed Hafiz's release with a weak case

Pakistan's victories over the Taliban: Less than meets the eye

Hafiz Saeed verdict: Pakistan tells India not to interfere