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US drone strikes futile, Al Qaeda leadership in Afghanistan: Rehman Malik

Security forces killed 11 Taliban fighters during airstrikes in South Waziristan, and five foreign fighters during a mortar attack in Lower Dir. Three Pakistani soldiers were killed in Swat, and security forces detained 16 Taliban fighters in Swat and 11 extremists in Khyber. The Taliban killed three ANP workers in Buner.

Afghanistan is a war the world can't afford to walk away from

Mullah Fazlullah, Swat leadership safe: Taliban spokesman

Spokesman Mullah Omar claimed the Swat Taliban's leaders are safe and said they went underground at the onset of the Malakand operation.

The Taliban killed six policemen in Mansehra and three soldiers in Kohat. Security forces killed three Taliban fighters in Bajaur, one more in Dera Ghazni Khan, and captured 26 more in Swat and Malakand. Thirteen Pakistanis were the victims of targeted killings in Karachi.

Links with Taliban intact: Pakistan Army

Pakistan: Abdul Aziz cleric warns of 'bloody revolution™

India: Mumbai attacks 'launched by Pakistan'

The US killed three Taliban fighters in an airstrike on a communications center in South Waziristan. Mullah Fazlullah denied reports he was gravely wounded. Sixteen Taliban fighters and six security personnel were killed during clashes in Bajaur. Ten Taliban fighters and six security personnel were killed during clashes in Zhob. Thirty Taliban fighters were turned over to the political administration in Mohmand.

US, Afghan forces strike at Haqqani Network in Afghanistan

A series of raids and a clash with the terror network in Ghazni and Khost provinces resulted in 22 fighters killed and two senior commanders captured.

US strikes Taliban communications center in South Waziristan

Three Taliban fighters are reported killed during the latest airstrike in Baitullah Mehsud's tribal areas.

Assessing stability in Pakistan's heartland Punjab

Pakistan - Jihad and the state

New Al Qaeda book on 'Muslim Spies' paints picture of weakened group, experts say

Security forces killed 12 Taliban fighters during airstrikes in South Waziristan and seven more in Arakzai, and detained 23 Taliban fighters in Swat, 20 in Mohmand, and four Afghans and Uzbeks in Dera Ghazni Khan. The body of a Taliban commander was also found in Swat. The Taliban killed five security personnel in Jaccobabab in Sindh and wounded six more in Bannu.

Taliban display beheaded bodies of tribal leaders

Video: Taliban execute Swat tribal leader

Pir Samiullah was one of the few tribal leaders to put up significant resistance to Mullah Fazlullah and Ibn Amin. He and his lieutenants were brutally murdered and mutilated while the Pakistani Army stood by.

Class rifts help jihadis grow in Pakistan

Pakistan - Waziristan residents asked to shift

More than 33 Taliban and al Qaeda fighters were killed during Predator attacks in South Waziristan. The military said Mullah Fazlullah was critically wounded in Swat and the operation there is over, and two Taliban fighters were killed in Bajaur. A suicide bomber was killed before he could reach his target in Peshawar. The Taliban killed a pro-government tribal leader in Khyber.