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The Taliban killed a UN worker and a guard during a kidnapping attempt at a refugee camp in Peshawar and fired rockets at the homes of tribal leaders in Bajaur. Security forces killed seven Taliban fighters and a commander in Swat and Malakand. Three civilians were killed in a landmine incident in North Waziristan.

India-Pakistan peace talks on hold until terrorist activities are stopped: Singh

Text of Pakistan-India joint statement

US searchs for missing soldier

Haqqani Network threatens to execute captured US soldier

Afgh-missing-US-soldier-flyer-thumb.jpegMullah Sangeen, a senior commander in the Haqqani Network, threatened to kill a captured US soldier unless Coalition forces end operations in two districts in Paktika and Ghazni provinces in eastern Afghanistan.

UN worker killed in Pakistan kidnap bid

Security forces killed 28 Taliban fighters in Swat and Mohmand and five more Taliban and two civilians in South Waziristan; one soldier was killed during the clashes. The Taliban killed two Frontier Corps troops in Bannu and bombed a police checkpost in Mardan. Six Taliban surrendered to a peace committee in Mohmand and eight more were detained.

Pakistan: Hard decisions

Pride and hardship of Waziristan displaced

Swat diary: 'Taliban defeated'

Swat erupts again, 30 militants killed in Pakistan

Criminals take cover of militants for kidnapping

South Waziristan offensive 'punitive,' not counterinsurgency

The Pakistani military is attempting to isolate and destroy Baitullah Mehsud, and does not intend to conduct a counterinsurgency in South Waziristan.

Pakistan building fortified bunkers along LoC

Pakistan: Spy agency exposes link between militants and religious schools

A tribal militia in Mohmand killed 23 Taliban fighters; three militiamen were also killed. Security forces killed nine Taliban fighters in Swat. Nearly 1,000 families have returned to Swat and Buner. The Taliban rocketed a police station in Peshawar and torched a NATO fuel tanker in Khyber.

Tribal force kills 23 Pakistani Taliban

A local lashkar attacked a large Taliban force in the Mohmand tribal agency. Tribal militias have had little success against the Taliban in the past.

Eleven people were killed in an explosion at a training camp in Punjab. Six Taliban fighters were killed and 10 were wounded after they attacked a police checkpost in South Waziristan. Security forces detained 13 al Qaeda operatives in Dera Murad Jamali and two members of the Ghazi Force in Islamabad. Pakistan's interior minister said the Taliban have been defeated in Swat and the group's senior leadership has been killed.

Explosion in Pakistan's Punjab province kills 11

The blast took place at the home of a local cleric who is known to train young boys. The blast is the most recent event far from the fighting in the northwest.

Pakistan's displaced head home, blast rocks village