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Pakistan: Swat cleric freed after second arrest

CIA Kept Osama bin Laden Son's Death Secret For Months

Security forces killed 14 Taliban fighters and detained 29 more in Swat and Buner. The Taliban killed a 'US spy' in North Waziristan, wounded 7 policemen and a civilian during an IED attack in Kohat, and bombed 17 CD shops in Mardan. Sufi Mohammed held a meeting with the TNSM shura in Peshawar.

Pak can use US aid only against Taliban and al Qaeda: Senate

Twenty-one Taliban fighters and one soldier were killed during clashes in Dir and Swat. Security forces detained a Lashkar-e-Islam fighter in Khyber and an Indian national in Bannu. The interior minister said Baluch rebels are training in Afghanistan.

Delayed offensive wears at Pakistan's antiterror credibility

Pakistani jihadis deny Osama bin Laden's son killed

The Taliban commanders said Sa'ad is fighting in Afghanistan and no members of Osama's inner circle have been killed.

Death Report of Bin Laden Son Believable

Security forces killed six Taliban fighters in Swat and captured two men transporting weapons in Nowshera. A curfew has been imposed in regions in North Waziristan. Security forces are targeting Baitullah Mehsud™s network with "precision," the interior minister said.

Revenge killings may push Swat towards civil war

Pakistan should fight all terrorists with 'same force': India

Swat Taliban leader 'alive, healthy and has never been wounded' - spokesman

Shah Doran, Fazlullah's deputy, has been reported killed. Muslim Khan, the spokesman for Fazlullah, said the Taliban are prepared to retake Swat.

US focuses new intelligence effort on Taliban

Analysis: Drone strikes begin to turn the tide

Pakistan - Islamic schools seed fresh fears of terror

Holbrooke praises Pakistan™s IDP rehabilitation efforts

Indian officials deny receiving Pak dossier: Indian media

Court: Confession won't stop Mumbai terror trial

US sees Pakistan securing Swat before attacking Mehsud

US citizen captured in Pakistan gives window into Al Qaeda's world