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Denmark - Ethnic minority group's funding "better spent elsewhere"

Pakistani Candidates Face Religious Vetting

Quetta council in Pakistan blamed for deadly attack in Farah

Three French jihadists from Orleans were deported to France; they had been held in Pakistan since May 28, 2012 after entering the country illegally from Iran. They were detained with al Qaeda operative Naamen Meziche, whose arrest was announced in June 2012. Pakistani officials said at the time he was likely going to Somalia, but Western officials believe he was headed for Pakistan's tribal areas near the Afghan border.

Karachi talibanisation: Four dead in blast outside Rangers complex

Kabul city to witness increased attacks this year: officials

Pakistani youth 'favour Sharia law over democracy'

Iran sanctions spur boom for Pakistani diesel smugglers

The Taliban killed three policemen and five electrical workers in an attack on a power substation in Peshawar; four workers are missing. The military killed five Taliban fighters in airstrikes in North Waziristan.

Taliban attack on power grid station in Peshawar kills 8

Taliban in Karachi: the real story

Afghans Failing Security Test In Badakhshan

Khyber Agency: LI threatens Bara tribesmen not to shelter Tirah IDPs

Pakistan - Prosecuting terrorists: Out of 559 cases in 2012, suspects acquitted in 414

The Taliban claimed credit for bombings in Bannu and Mardan that killed three people. A policemen was killed in a suicide attack in Mardan, while two people were killed in an IED attack at a political rally in Bannu.

Afghanistan deny shelling Pakistan bordering regions

Afghan Govt Repeats Claim of Pakistan's 'Unacceptable' Demands

'Legal help to Hafiz Saeed will strengthen Indian allegations'

Taliban suicide bomber kills 12 in Peshawar

Taliban Terrorize Karachi as the New Gang in Town