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Insecurity Springs From Afghan Dam Projects

A War of Attrition in Farah Province

US drones killed four "militants" in the Datta Khel area of North Waziristan. Eight people were killed in a bombing in Jaffarabad. The Taliban attacked US supply containers in Peshawar and Khyber.

As New Drone Policy Is Weighed, Few Practical Effects Are Seen

Afghan Villagers Take On Taliban in Their Heartland

US drones kill 4 'militants' in Pakistan

predator-uav.jpgThe strike took place in the terrorist hub of Datta Khel in North Waziristan, where some of al Qaeda's top leaders have been killed in the past.

Afghanistan's Nuristan province 'at mercy of the Taliban'

Pakistani Taliban overrun rival faction's headquarters, dozens killed

 Tirah_Valley.jpg Hundreds of Tehrik-e-Taliban-e Pakistan (TTP) militants overran the headquarters of a rival militant faction, Ansar-ul-Islam, in Khyber Agency. Clashes between the two factions have raged since January.

Pakistan, Egypt to strengthen relations

Two suicide bombers attacked a court in Peshawar, killing two people and wounding 30 more. The Movement of the Taliban in Pakistan suspended peace talks with the government.

After The Afghan Pullout, The Dangers For Central Asia

Controversial weapon Pakistan seeks UN ban on unilateral drone strikes

Al Qaeda propaganda arm confirms death of senior religious emir

CIA begins sizing up Islamic extremists in Syria for drone strikes

Pakistan - Christians told, 'protest again and you will die!'

Ex-Spy Chief: Pakistan Sees Afghanistan As 'Sub-Nation'

Pakistan - A Few Words : Talking to the Taliban: consequences

Pakistan - TTP may include Dr. Khan, Faheem in list of guarantors

Pakistani Christians close schools to protest over riot

Tough questions linger a year after Toulouse killings