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Dir: A Pakistani militant hotbed

Pakistan - Swati women want army to stay

Twenty-five Pakistanis were killed in two bombings at a Shia procession in Karachi; police also defused a bomb placed at a hospital in the city. The Taliban killed a teacher and attacked an electrical grid station in Khyber.

Pakistan - Karachi bombings a 'conspiracy' to paralyse financial hub

Bombs and beatings: Life among the Taliban

Know your enemy

Even where Pakistani law exists, Taliban find a porous border

Fifteen Taliban were killed in airstrikes in Bajaur. Security forces detained 35 suspects in yesterday's suicide attack in Dir. The Taliban said Hakeemullah Mehsud is in hiding; US intelligence officials believe he is dead.

Pakistani Taliban leader alive, in hiding, spokesman says

US puzzles over top militant's fate

Who™s who of terror meet in PoK, vow jihad

Pakistan 'ready to help' Afghan reconciliation: ministry

Inside job suspected in suicide attack on US soldiers in Pakistan

The planning and execution of the suicide car bomb attack in Dir was "too perfect," according to US military and intelligence officials.

US soldiers killed in IED attack in Pakistan

Pakistani N-arsenal safe but vulnerable: US

Hakeemullah alive?

Pakistani Taliban has its work cut out

Three US soldiers were among nine people killed in an IED attack in Dir; the Taliban claimed responsibility for the attack. Pakistani intelligence officials said Hakeemullah Mehsud and Qari Hussain Mehsud likely survived a US Predator strike. Two security personnel were wounded an IED attack in Khyber.

3 US soldiers among 9 killed in bombing in northwest Pakistan

The US soldiers were killed while traveling to attend the opening of a girls' school in Dir. The soldiers served as trainers to the Frontier Corps.

Pakistan has reversed Taliban gains: Mullen