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Gates sees fallout from troubled ties With Pakistan

The Taliban executed seven "US spies" in North Waziristan. The Taliban also claimed to have shot down a Predator aircraft in North Waziristan. The Lashar-e-Islam killed a Frontier Corps soldier in Khyber. A Taliban commander and three fighters, and a soldier were killed during clashes in Swat.

Obama's War
Combating Extremism in Afghanistan and Pakistan

A suicide bomber killed three civilians and a policeman in Tank. Twenty-two Taliban fighters and two soldiers were killed in clashes in Kurram and Arakzai. The Taliban destroyed a NATO fuel tanker in Peshawar.

Pakistan hesitates, again

Increased security checks at US airports slammed as racial profiling

Pakistan says reaches out to Afghan Taliban

Gates confronts Pakistani reports of US plots, and fuels a rumor

Security forces killed five Taliban fighters in Swat, three in South Waziristan, and two more in North Waziristan, and detained nine Lashkar-e-Islam fighters in Khyber. The Taliban warned the Mehsud tribes not to return to their homes in South Waziristan as fighting is still ongoing.

US unveils civilian strategy for Afghanistan, Pakistan

India sees terror threats from the skies

Gates reaches out to future Pakistani military leaders

US offers unarmed UAVs to Pakistan

The Army said it would not launch any new offensives against the Taliban this year. The US may have killed a wanted Abu Sayyaf operative in an airstrike on Jan. 14 in North Waziristan. The military killed eight Taliban fighters in Mohmand. The Taliban killed three tribal elders in Bajaur.

The war against the infidels:
Terrorism is only one of the weapons

Gates: Extremism biggest threat to Pakistan, India

Wanted Abu Sayyaf operative reported killed in North Waziristan

usman.jpgThe US has a $1 million bounty on Abdul Basit Usman for conducting attacks that murdered civilians. He is thought to have been killed in a strike on Jan. 14.

Pakistan - Securing South Waziristan could take a year: army

Pakistan snubs US over new Taliban offensive

No new offensives against the Taliban this year: Pakistani Army

"We are not going to conduct any major new operations against the militants over the next 12 months" as the military is "overstretched," the top Pakistani military spokesman said. The government has also agreed to a peace deal with the Mehsud tribes in South Waziristan.