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Wanted Palestinian reported killed in US airstrike in North Waziristan

rahim-thumb.JPGJamal Saeed Abdul Rahim, of the Abu Nidal Organization who participated in killing 22 hostages during the 1986 hijacking of Pan Am flight 73, is thought to have been killed in the Jan. 9 airstrike.

The US killed eight Taliban and three al Qaeda operatives in two strikes in North Waziristan. A wanted Palestinian terrorist is thought to have been killed in the Jan. 9 strike in North Waziristan. Seven Taliban fighters were killed in Kohat; a tribal leader was killed in Mohmand. The Taliban attacked a security convoy in Khyber; one Taliban fighter was killed.

US strikes kill 11 in North Waziristan

Eight Taliban and three "foreigners" were reported killed in the most recent strikes in North Waziristan. The US has carried out nine strikes in Pakistan over the past 16 days.

RFE/RL launches radio station in Pakistan's Pashtun heartland

Pakistani Taliban chief injured in drone attack: official

US to Pakistan: Stop complaining about the Predator strikes you support

Pakistani Taliban chief survived US airstrike

Hakeemullah-Mehsud-3-thumb.jpgHakeemullah Mehsud dodged yesterday's airstrike, according to US intelligence officials. He may have been wounded in the attack.

A US strike targeted Movement of the Taliban leader Hakeemullah Mehsud; 12 Taliban and foreign fighters were reported killed. Taliban spokesman Tariq Azam denied Hakeemullah was killed in the airstrike. The World Food Programme closed its offices in Lower Dir due to security concerns.

Death of Pakistani Taliban chief in US strike not confirmed

Taking on Pakistan™s "military-jihadi" nexus

Hakeemullah Mehsud targeted in latest US airstrike in Pakistan

The leader of the Movement of the Taliban in Pakistan was reported killed in the early morning strike in North Waziristan. His spokesman denied he was killed.

Tracking the US air campaign in Pakistan

pred-strikes-pie-thumb2.jpgThe data on the US airstrikes against the Taliban and al Qaeda in Pakistan's lawless tribal agencies, updated in real time.

US airstrike hits Taliban camp in North Waziristan

predator-uav.jpgThe latest attack targeted a compound formerly used as a seminary. Ten Taliban fighters are thought to have been killed.

The government is preparing to release two TNSM clerics. Security forces killed three Taliban fighters and detained nine more in Swat, and killed a Taliban commander and captured nine fighters in Hangu. Police arrested nine Taliban in Kohat. A child was killed in an explosion in Tank.

ACLU files FOIA request on Predator program

Study finds 3,000 Pakistanis were killed in™09 militant attacks

Jordanian al Qaeda leader's family celebrates his death

Pak Army should keep up pressure on Taliban: Burgess

US - Charges expected in terrorism probe

The Taliban killed one soldier in an attack on a security checkpoint in Mohmand. General Pasha, the chief of the Inter Services Intelligence (ISI), said Afghan soil was being used for attacks against Pakistan. The former chief of the ISI, Hamid Gul, said the government should end operations and negotiate with the Taliban.