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Taliban in Karachi: the real story

Afghans Failing Security Test In Badakhshan

Khyber Agency: LI threatens Bara tribesmen not to shelter Tirah IDPs

Pakistan - Prosecuting terrorists: Out of 559 cases in 2012, suspects acquitted in 414

The Taliban claimed credit for bombings in Bannu and Mardan that killed three people. A policemen was killed in a suicide attack in Mardan, while two people were killed in an IED attack at a political rally in Bannu.

Afghanistan deny shelling Pakistan bordering regions

Afghan Govt Repeats Claim of Pakistan's 'Unacceptable' Demands

'Legal help to Hafiz Saeed will strengthen Indian allegations'

Taliban suicide bomber kills 12 in Peshawar

Taliban Terrorize Karachi as the New Gang in Town

Security forces killed three Taliban fighters as they attacked an outpost in Bajaur. Two security personnel were killed in a bombing in Bajaur. Pakistani security officials claimed that 9,000, including more than 3,000 security personnel, people have been killed in terrorist attacks in the past five years.

Campaigning in the shadow of the Taliban

Latest IMU capture indicates resiliency of terror group in Afghanistan

Taliban suicide assault team strikes police HQ in eastern Afghanistan

Five policemen and eight Taliban fighters were killed after the suicide assault team penetrated security at the Quick Reaction Force headquarters in Jalalabad.

Stalemate to continue: Taliban rule out talks with Karzai during Qatar visit

Lal Masjid's former chief cleric wants Musharraf's name on ECL

50,000 families have fled Tirrah Valley

Pakistani Taliban threaten former President Musharraf with 'death squad'

Adnan-Rasheed-Death-Squad-TTP.pngAdnan Rasheed, who escaped from a Pakistani prison during a Taliban jailbreak one year ago, is shown with his "death squad," which is split up in groups of "fedayeen, sniper team, special assault team, and close combat team."

US Cedes Control, Almost, on Afghan Prisoners

Pakistan as a global leader in Islamic banking and finance