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Headley names 6 Pak armymen in Karachi Project

The Taliban overran a Frontier Corps post in Arakzai and killed five troops, including a senior officer; 21 Taliban fighters were killed in the counterattack. The Punjabi Taliban named Abuzar Khanjari the new leader of the Qari Zafar group. The US will spend $40 million to help build roads in Peshawar and Malakand.

Taliban counterattack in Arakzai, overrun military outpost

More than 100 Taliban fighters overran a Frontier Corps outpost, killing five troops, including a senior officer, before the military retook control of the base.

Pakistani troops kill 34 militants after attack

Taliban says it can 'reconcile' with India

India - American terror suspect traveled unimpeded

Pak terror groups to step up 'jihad™

War and peace: A Taliban view

The Pakistani military claimed 82 Taliban fighters have been killed in air and artillery strikes in Arakzai over the past two days. A seminary run by the Tablighi Jamaat was hit in one of the strikes. Security forces detained a former Afghan Taliban governor of Uruzgan province and an Egyptian al Qaeda member in Karachi.

Pakistan strikes Taliban camps in Arakzai

Pakistani fighter-bombers struck at hideouts in the Taliban-controlled trial agency. One of the targets was a seminary run by the Tablighi Jamaat.

Pakistan says it is 'satisfied' with US pledges on aid delivery

Pakistan faces tough task rejuvenating battered Swat

Italy - Diplomat summoned over attacks on Christians in Pakistan

Six Haqqani Network fighters were killed in a US strike in North Waziristan. Pakistani forces killed five Taliban fighters in Arakzai and detained eight more in Bajaur. The Taliban killed a tribal elder in Hangu and bombed a girls' school in Nowshera. The Taliban plotted to kidnap the Jordanian ambassador.

Pakistan comes with specific wish list for US

US kills 6 in strike against Haqqani Network

The strike targeted the Haqqani Network and is the fifth since March 16.

Pakistan - Quereshi signals new approach to Washington

United Kingdom - 'Secret' government unit finds Muslims can sympathise with terrorists

US sees hope in Pakistan requests for help

US to unwrap range of actions for Pakistan: Richard Holbrooke