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India involvement can™t rule out in Lahore attack: Pakistani Interiro Minister Rehman Malik

Punjab Chief Minister Shahbaz Sharif said the Taliban should not attack his province as they both opposed military rule. The Taliban offered a peace deal to Sharif. The military will end the South Waziristan operation on March 30. Security forces killed four Taliban operatives in Swat.

US personnel facing threat, ambassador tells FM

Hakeemullah Mehsud is alive, says former ISI officer

Khalid Khawaja, the "consigliere" for the Taliban and al Qaeda, said that two of his associates met with the Pakistani Taliban leader on March 9.

Holbrooke hails Marja operation, relationship with Pakistan

Pakistan intelligence calls for Afghan border to be closed

Afghanistan/Pakistan: Contractors tied to effort to track and kill militants

Eighteen Taliban fighters were killed in airstrikes in Arakzai. Securirty forces rounded up 175 suspected terrorists in Rawalpindi and 24 more in Lahore. The political agent in Bajaur urged the tribes to oppose the Taliban.

Pakistan - Societal perspectives on terrorism

Afghanistan's new great game: The undeclared wars within the war

LeT: An instrument of Pakistan™s national strategy

A suicide bomber killed 14 people in an attack on a security installation in Swat. The Taliban assassinated a pro-government militia leader and killed two of his bodyguards in Peshawar. The bodies of six Taliban fighters were found in Kurram. The government issued a list of demands to the Mehsud tribe.

Pakistan - Govt gives 7-point demand list to Mehsuds

Editorial: Lahore attacked again

White House weighs talks with Taliban after Afghan successes

Suicide bomber kills 14 in Pakistan's Swat Valley

The attack bomber targeted the police, while an anti-Taliban tribal leader is gunned down in Peshawar.

A titanic power struggle in Kabul

Swat Taliban remain

Two suicide bombers killed 39 people, including eight soldiers, in attacks in a military cantonment in Lahore. Seven small blasts were reported after the attacks, only minor injuries were reported.

Qari Zia Rahman survived Bajaur strike: Taliban leader

Neither the Taliban and al Qaeda commander, nor a Swat Taliban commander were killed in a Pakistani airstrike last week, according to Faqir Mohammed.