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Two former ISI officers missing in Pakistan's northwest

Taliban assault on US consulate in Peshawar repelled

The terror assault team attempted to breach the outer wall and storm the consulate in the provincial capital, but was stopped by Pakistani security forces. In Dir, a suspected suicide bomber killed 30 people at a political gathering.

Drones batter al Qaeda and its allies within Pakistan

Taliban claim attack on US consulate in Pak's Peshawar

US consulate attacked in NW Pakistan

'Insurgents enter Afghanistan from Pak™s borders™: governor of Kunar province

Security forces killed 40 Taliban fighters after they attacked a military outpost and a convoy in separate attacks. Twenty-eight Taliban fighters surrendered to security forces and vowed to remain loyal to the state. The Taliban bombed a school in Mohmand.

Thirty Taliban fighters and six Frontier Corps troops were killed during clashes in Arakzai. Eight criminals and three policemen were killed in a shootout in Khyber. Security forces established 16 checkpoints in Peshawar to block the Taliban from entering the region.

Pakistan - Orakzai operation will take a load off Peshawar, settled areas

Pakistan launches offensive on hiding place of Osama bin Laden

Pakistan moves to roll back presidential powers

Extremists to be ousted from Pakistan™s tribal belt within two months, general says

Security forces killed 27 Taliban fighters in clashes in Arakzai and Kurram, and killed six Lashkar-e-Islam fighters in Khyber. The Taliban destroyed four schools in Mohmand and Arakzai. France is delaying a $1.6 billion weapons sale to Pakistan.

India blames LeT for Kabul attack

Enduring army role in Swat spurs questions about Pakistan's civilian government

Illegal madrassas: A breeding ground of terror

The military killed 28 Taliban fighters in Arakzai. Police detained two Taliban operatives in Swat. Mehsud tribal leaders agreed to return to South Waziristan; tribal leaders held talks with the Taliban. A Taliban spokesman said the group would continue to attack those who support the US.

US sanctions two Europe-based al Qaeda operatives

Ahmad Khalaf Shabib al Dulaymi supports al Qaeda in Iraq as well as the global network, while Atilla Selek supports the Islamic Jihad Union and has operated in Pakistan.

Pakistan - S. Waziristan tribes ready to return after Taliban offensive

Taliban leader escapes ambush in Pakistan's northwest

Maulvi Noor Jamal, the Taliban's leader in Kurram, survived an assassination attempt in Arakzai.