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India to get access to US man on Mumbai attack

Afghanistan - Taliban harness power of the web

A tribal militia killed 21 Taliban fighters in Kurram; 10 more fighters were killed in airstrikes in Arakzai. Security forces detained a Taliban commander in Karachi. The Islamic Movement of Uzbekistan distributed pamphlets in North Waziristan that declared it would liberate Pakistan from US control. The Taliban bombed two schools in Bajaur.

Tribal militia battles the Taliban in Pakistan's Kurram agency

Over the past six days, 37 Taliban fighters have been reported killed in the remote tribal agency.

Pakistan denies arrests thwarted Taliban talks

Rana knew every detail of 26/11 plan: Headley to US court

As Taliban makes comeback in Kunduz province, war spreads to northern Afghanistan

Pakistan arrests 'halt secret UN contacts with Taliban'

Security forces killed six Taliban fighters and two civilians in Kohat, and detained a Taliban leader in Karachi. Two wanted Swat Taliban commanders were among five killed in a military operation. Prime Minister Gilani said the government is "not in a rush" to launch new offensives in the northwest.

Interview with Yusuf Raza Gilani

CIA director says secret attacks in Pakistan have hobbled al-Qaeda

5 Americans charged in Pakistan

India - Headley may rat on Lashkar aide to escape death

Tehran accused of arming Taleban with weapons and explosives

McChrystal disagrees with Holder: bin Laden is wanted alive

The US killed eight Taliban fighters in a pair of airstrikes in North Waziristan. The Taliban killed five security personnel and blew up a NATO fuel tanker in Khyber. Ten Taliban fighters and three militia fighters were killed in a clash in Kurram. A Taliban commander and 38 fighters surrendered in Bajaur.

Key al Qaeda operative killed in US strike in North Waziristan

Sadam Hussein Al Hussami, who is also known as Ghazwan al Yemeni, was a top operative in al Qaeda's external operations network. He aided in the suicide attack on Combat Outpost Chapman, which killed seven CIA officials and a Jordanian intelligence officer.

Pakistan charges Americans with terrorism

LeT not yet on Pak's radar: Top US general

US kills 8 terrorists in 2 new airstrikes in North Waziristan

The US launched a strike in the village of Hamzoni and another in Datta Khel, the second there in two days.