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Pakistan - FIA working with Interpol to nab 14 wanted terrorists

UN™s Bhutto report says what Pakistanis already know about spy agency and army

Suicide bombers kill 42 in Pakistan's northwest

The coordinated blasts took place in a camp for refugees fleeing the fighting in the Arakzai tribal agency.

UN report blames lax security for Benazir Bhutto's death

American's 'quiet son' on terrorism charges in Pakistan

A suicide bomber killed 10 Pakistanis, including a journalist and senior police officials, in a hospital in Quetta. A US strike in North Waziristan killed six Taliban fighters. The Taliban killed two tribal leaders in Swat. Security forces detained eight Taliban fighters in Bajaur.

Tensions over renamed Pakistan province overshadow government reforms

US strikes kill 6 in North Waziristan

Predators fired seven missiles at a Taliban compound and two cars in a town near Miramshah.

At least seven killed in Quetta bomb blast

UN blames Musharraf government for Benazir Bhutto™s murder

Effectiveness of US strikes in Pakistan 'decreased 90 percent' since suicide strike on CIA - Siraj Haqqani

A look at the data shows a decrease in the number of top-tier terrorist leaders killed in US strikes in Pakistan since the beginning of 2010, after the suicide attack that targeted a CIA base in Afghanistan.

The US designated the two leaders of the Karachi-based Al Akhtar Trust and the Al Rashid Trust as terrorists for their support for al Qaeda and the Taliban. The Khyber-based Lashkar-i-Islam said it would hold talks with the government. The Northwest Frontier Province was officially renamed as Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa.

US designates 2 Pakistanis for running al Qaeda and Taliban charitable front groups

The leaders of the Al Akhtar Trust and the Al Rashid Trust continue to support the Taliban using their charitable fronts based in Karachi.

Pakistan army anger at Nato border tactics after forcing militants out

Taliban cooperation with al Qaeda 'is at the highest limits' - Siraj Haqqani

The leader of the Haqqani Network in eastern Afghanistan said the Taliban welcomes foreign fighters and that 90 percent of areas under his command are under Taliban control.

US, Pakistan alter approach on Waziristan

A US strike in North Waziristan killed five Taliban fighters. Taliban commander Qari Zia Rahman spoke to the media to dispel reports of his death and also said Hakeemullah Mehsud is alive. Security forces detained 29 tribal elders in Bajaur for failing to keep out the Taliban.

A dagger to the CIA

Interview: Karzai brother mends ties with US

Pakistan admits civilian deaths in air strike