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Four Taliban fighters dressed as policemen stormed a hospital in Lahore and killed five people, including three policemen. The Taliban are suspected of trying to free or kill one of their own who carried out the attack on two Ahmadi mosques in Lahore on May 28. The military claimed 42 Taliban fighters were killed in airstrikes in Arakzai; the Taliban denied any fighters were killed.

Top al Qaeda leader Mustafa Abu Yazid confirmed killed in airstrike in North Waziristan

In a statement released tonight on a jihadist forum, Al Qaeda announced Yazid's death. Yazid, who is also known as Sheikh Saeed al Masri, was al Qaeda's leader in Afghanistan and top financial official.

US rejects reports Pakistan given deadline for operation

Nato strike against Pakistan Taliban in Afghan district

Terror link alleged as Saudi millions flow into Afghanistan war zone

US presses Pakistan for more data on travelers

A top Taliban and al Qaeda operative is thought to have been killed in the May 15 airstrike in the Khyber. Security forces killed 42 Taliban fighters in Arakzai and detained 14 Lashkar-e-Islam fighters in Peshawar. Two French journalists detained for spying on May 28 have been transferred to a jail in Peshawar.

Top link between al Qaeda and Taliban thought killed in US Predator strike in Khyber

Ebad-ul-Rehman is thought to have been killed in the May 15 attack in the Tirah Valley on May 15. Rehman orchestrated the assassination of Benazir Bhutto.

Drone wars

Video and blogging from Lahore under attack

Pakistan - Militants fanning sectarianism, says Malik

Pakistan - Malik sees terror roots in south Punjab

Security forces killed 12 Taliban fighters during airstrikes in Arakzai. The Taliban again took credit for the attack on two Ahmadi mosques in Lahore and encouraged assassinations against the MQM political party. General Kiyani will decide if and when an operation in North Waziristan will take place.

Inside the mind of a Taliban bomb master

Terrorists have no religion, says Zardari

Pakistan frees ex-Army major held in NY plot probe

Taliban take control of district in Nuristan

Afghan police abandoned Barg-e-Matal after days of fighting. The Taliban have claimed control of the district center.

US, EU condemn slaughter of Pakistani sect

Pakistan mosque massacre toll would have been higher but for heroes

Taliban leave Pakistan, but Afghans repel them