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Pakistani Taliban are said to expand alliances

Times Square bomb suspect had ties to key Pakistani militants

Taliban denial of links to Shahzad doesn't match known facts

Security forces killed 26 Taliban fighters in Arakzai and detained two suicide bombers in Peshawar. The Movement of the Taliban in Pakistan's top spokesman denied any links to the failed Times Square bomber. The 'Asian Tigers' freed Colonel Imam.

Where in Pakistan did Faisal Shahzad learn bomb-making skills?

Local Pakistan politicians shelter militants

Pakistan: Govt distances itself from Mumbai terrorist

Captured leader offers insight into the Taliban

NY bomb suspect had links with Pak Taliban, Kashmir terror group: Pak

CIA drones hit wider range of targets in Pakistan

US sees Pakistani Taliban involvement in Times Square attack after downplaying links

Four days after the Taliban claimed credit for the failed bomb plot, the Obama administration is grudgingly beginning to recognize that the Pakistani terror group is behind the attack.

US to send Pakistan detailed request for help in Times Square bomb probe

Evidence mounts for Taliban role in car bomb plot

Pakistan minister speaks out on Times Square plot

Afghanistan - MOI warns of a boost in militant attacks

An Anti-Terrorism Court acquitted four suspects in the 2008 Islamabad Marriott Hotel suicide attack due to lack of evidence. Foreign Minister Qureshi said the failed Times Square bombing was "blow back" for US airstrikes in Pakistan's tribal areas. The US transferred $468 million to Pakistan. The Taliban chopped off the hands of three "criminals" in Arakzai.

Taliban seek comeback in Pakistan's Swat Valley

Pakistani military faces decision on North Waziristan

In wake of bomb scare, US may lean on Pakistan to hit harder against militants

NY bomb probe takes new turn; man of Pak origin held