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US radio takes on Taliban in Afghan propaganda war

Afghanistan - Editorial: Hekmatyar speaks

Karachi shut down after killing of exile Imran Farooq

Britain facing a new wave of terrorist attacks, MI5 warns

Afghanistan harbors elements terrorising Pakistan - Pakistani interior minister Malik

Karzai says Pakistan to play role in talks with Taliban

Coalition continues pursuit of IMU commanders in the Afghan north

A Taliban district commander with links to the Islamic Movement of Uzbekistan was among eight killed in a strike in Kunduz.

Why has the US ramped up attacks in North Waziristan?

Karzai calls on Pakistan to help destroy militant bases

Staying the course in Afghanistan

Somalia battles measure success in meters

The US killed 17 Taliban and Haqqani Network fighters in a pair of airstrikes in North Waziristan. Five soldiers were wounded in an IED attack in Khyber. Four members of Pakistani Jundallah were arrested in Karachi.

Latest US Predator strike kills 3 in North Waziristan

Three "rebels" were reported killed in the latest strike in the al Qaeda haven of Datta Khel. The strike is the fourth in two days and the 13th this month.

Drone strikes peak; can they help end the war?

Siraj Haqqani's cousin reported killed in Waziristan strike

Iran-backed senior IMU commander captured in Afghan north

An Islamic Movement of Uzbekistan foreign fighter facilitator who worked with Iran's Qods Force was captured during a raid in Kunduz.

Pakistan may free Sufi Mohammed

US Predators strike again in Pakistan, killing 14 'militants'

Strikes were launched on two compounds in the village of Darga Mandi, which is on the outskirts of Miramshah; 12 missiles were fired. The US has launched 12 strikes this month, making it the most active since the campaign began in 2004.

USMC provides flood aid in Pakistan

'Neighboring countries support Taliban' - Afghan defense minister