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A suicide bomber killed five people in an attack at the home of Baluchistan's Finance Minister; the minister was not hurt. The Taliban killed 10 tribesmen in an IED attack in Kurram. The US may have killed an Islamic Jihad Group commander in yesterday's strikes in North Waziristan.

Karzai divides Afghanistan in reaching out to Taliban

HIG facilitator properly detained at Gitmo, judge finds

Earlier this month, a DC district judge ruled that a facilitator for the HIG is properly detained at Guantanamo. The detainee, Shawali Khan, allegedly plotted attacks against American forces on behalf of his uncle, a HIG commander based in Quetta, Pakistan.

Pakistan expected to chair IAEA board

Islamic Jihad Group commander reported killed in Predator strike

The commander, who is known as Qureshi, is said to have been killed in yesterday's second strike in the Datta Khel area in North Waziristan.

British journalist freed by Taliban in Pakistan

US Predators strike in Pakistan for 4th time in 24 hours

Afghan Taliban were reported among the six terrorists killed in an attack outside of Miramshah.

Surge is fully deployed to Afghanistan

The US killed 18 Taliban and Haqqani Network fighters in three Predator strikes in North Waziristan. The Taliban killed a police official and a policeman in bombings in Hangu, and bombed a girls' school in Kalam. Pakistan will charge three men for supporting the Taliban's failed Times Square bombing in New York City.

Pakistan to charge 3 over failed Times Square bomb

Mullah Omar tells Afghans Taliban are winning

Pakistan: Minister announces crackdown on militants

US kills 18 'militants' in 3 strikes in North Waziristan

The US has carried out six attacks in Pakistan this month. Four of those strikes have hit targets in Datta Khel, a headquarters for al Qaeda.

Pakistan - Terrorists have planned attacks on Eid

Women, kids among 17 dead in NW Pakistani bombing

Pakistani military declares victory in Arakzai. Again.

Taliban tries to stop the music in Afghanistan - again

The Taliban killed 21 people in an attack on a police headquarters in Kohat and torched a girls' school in Peshawar. The military killed two Taliban fighters in Swat and claimed the Taliban has been defeated and ejected from Arakzai.

21 killed in blast at police station in northwestern Pakistan

The bombing in Kohat is the fifth this month, and signals that the Taliban have relaunched their terror campaign in Pakistan.

Suicide attacks a response to Predator strikes: Pakistani Taliban