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Afghan concern about Pakistan is legit: Petraeus

Muslims donate nearly $1 billion to Pakistan

Two soldiers were killed in an IED attack in Khyber. Two Taliban commanders were killed in fighting in Swat and another was detained in Karachi. The Taliban kidnapped 10 workers in Chitral.

Islamist charities gain goodwill in flood calamity

India to route aid for Pak flood victims through UN agencies

Senator Kerry warns of instability in Pakistan

Punjabi Taliban leader Usman Punjabi and six other terrorists were killed in a clash with a rival faction of the Lashkar-e-Jhangvi in North Waziristan. Police detained 17 "wanted terrorists" and recovered a large cache of weapons and explosives during sweeps in Mardan.

Senior Islamic Movement of Uzbekistan commander targeted in northern Afghanistan

One Taliban fighter was killed as an IMU commander who facilitates the entry of al Qaeda operatives into Afghanistan was targeted in an airstrike in Kunduz province.

Norway 'bomb plot' underscores al-Qaida pitfalls

Upstarts chip away at power of feudal Pakistani landlords

Pakistan floods: Pakistani Taliban threats don't deter foreign aid workers

A US Predator strike killed four "terrorists" in an attack on two vehicles in Kurram. Three terrorists who overpowered their guards in an Army headquarters in Peshawar surrendered after taking two hostages. The Taliban kidnapped the father of a politician in Kurram.

Firing near US consulate in Pakistan

Petraeus: the US will press militants' havens in Pakistan

US Predator strike kills 4 'terrorists' in Pakistan's northwest

The attack took place in Kurram. The US has struck targets in Kurram just two other times since 2004.

US aid chief says threatened in Pakistan

UN: Rate of Afghan refugees returning home 'doubles'

The son of General Tariq Majid, the chairman of the Army's Joint Chiefs of Staff Committee, was kidnapped in Lahore. One person was killed in a bombing in Mansehra. The Taliban bombed three tankers in Quetta, Kalat, and Mastung, and a school in Khyber. The Ittehad Mujahideen Khurasan announced an amnesty for "US spies."

Pakistan floods: 'The worst is yet to come'

Pakistani Christians face aid discrimination: Vatican