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Judge finds that Kuwaiti Gitmo detainee was no charity worker

A district judge denied a Kuwaiti Gitmo detainee's petition for a writ of habeas corpus in September. The detainee, Fayiz al Kandari, claims that he was a mere charity worker, but he was really an influential al Qaeda recruiter with ties to a terror cell that launched an attack on the US Marines in 2002.

Pakistan reopened the Khyber Pass to NATO traffic. The government is considering taxing NATO supplies crossing the border. Security forces killed five Taliban fighters in Swat and five "militants" in Khyber.

Al Qaeda leader linked to Iran may have been killed in recent Predator strike

Press reports indicate that Atiyah Abd al Rahman, who is Osama bin Laden's ambassador to Iran, was killed in a recent airstrike in northern Pakistan. US intelligence officials cannot confirm Atiyah's death, but do confirm that he has relocated from Iran to northern Pakistan.

MI5 hunts terror cell in Britain following al-Qaeda boast

Taliban torch 27 NATO fuel trucks in southern Pakistan

The tankers were hit in Mithri, south of Quetta. More than 150 fuel tankers and supply trucks have been destroyed in five major attacks since Pakistan closed the Khyber Pass on Sept. 30.

Pakistan - Hate on the Internet

Killing of Pakistan doctor part of Taliban war on educated

US Predators killed nine terrorists, including several foreigners, in strikes in North Waziristan. The Taliban destroyed 27 NATO fuel tankers in Mithri. The government said it would likely reopen the Khyber Pass to NATO traffic on Oct. 9. An explosion destroyed a mosque in Khyber.

US Predators kill 9 in pair of strikes in North Waziristan

Nine terrorists, including "foreigners," were reported killed in strikes in the Datta Khel and Mohammed Khel areas.

9/11 link to militant in Europe terror alert

Participants say Kabul meeting was 'brainstorming session,' not Taliban talks

Pakistan's ISI, a hidden, frustrating power for US

'Hope is not a strategy' - outgoing US Security Advisor Jones voices concern on Pakistan

Interpol issues Pakistan army arrest warrants over Mumbai attacks

Taliban assassinate Kunduz governor in attack at mosque

Governor Mohammed Omar was outspoken in his opposition to the Taliban and allied terror groups. He was killed in a bombing at a mosque along with 14 others during Friday prayers.

Senior bin Laden aide killed in recent Predator strike

Mohammed Usman was a key member of Brigade 313 and helped unite al Qaeda with several Pakistani jihadist groups.

Hamburg mosque which links 9/11 to the badlands of Pakistan

Terror alerts are political, Pakistani diplomat claims

German militants training in Pakistani border area

The Pakistani Taliban killed eight people in a double suicide attack at a Sufi shrine in Karachi. US Predators killed four "militants" in North Waziristan; the foreign ministry said the strikes violate Pakistan's sovereignty. The Taliban killed two troops in Mohmand. Police detained a Taliban commander in Peshawar. Arrest warrants have been issued for five terrorists, including two Army majors and Illyas Kashmiri.