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Linda Norgrove: US navy Seal faces disciplinary action over grenade death

Taliban border haven in US sights

Turkey to fully support Pakistan in rehabilitation

Al-Qaida group to Yemeni president: 'Run for your life'

The chief minister of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa said the government may provide security to NATO convoys moving through Pakistan. Security officials claimed US helicopters violated Pakistan's airspace at Chaman. Security forces killed four "extremists" in Mardan. More than 30 people have been killed in violence in Karachi.

Pakistan says it is key to Taliban peace talks

'Salafist group' allied with Taliban, al Qaeda behind kidnapping of slain British aid worker

Jamaat ul Dawa al Quran kidnapped Linda Norgrove and had intended to transfer her to senior Taliban and al Qaeda leaders.

Terrorism remains major challenge - Australian FM

Reports of secret talks exaggerated, Holbrooke says

Pakistan aid workers in row with US over Stars and Stripes 'logo'

Hamburg-based Islamists targeted in US drone attack

Germany steps up terrorism probes

Mission to stop nuclear terrorism

Blunt US warnings to Pakistan prompted by terrorism fear

Pakistan - Kidnapping-for-ransom main source of Taliban™s earning

Karzai: 'Unofficial personal contacts' taking place with Taliban

Pakistan: street rage and sectarian bombings

US Predators killed seven "militants" in a strike in North Waziristan. The Taliban took credit for destroying 27 NATO fuel trucks in Mithri and bombed three girls' schools in Mohmand. Former President Musharraf said he backs talks with the Taliban.

Al Qaeda in North Africa seen as key Europe threat

JUD not a soft underbelly - Musharraf